AFRICA TODAY| Post – Desalegn Ethiopia | 6-months state of emergency enters day 3

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  1. awesome! thank you, Dr. Yohannes, for your timely analysis! the Amhara population need people like you with well-rounded, unbiased views! Good on you brother!!

  2. 6:48 – 7:06 brilliant analysis Nelson Ekujumi it’s like he was saying something without saying something, 15:03 – 15:11 RIGHT ON, more specifically there is a conniving evil group known as SHEWA who are unbelievable, and very genocidal having induced famines .., I Will definitely read more of Nelson’s analysis/papers online, but I cannot stress shewa must never be in power and should face justice, also Oromo are usually VERY PEACEFUL, and don’t get involved in politics

  3. Thanks we Ethiopians specially Amhara ethnic (50 million) has been killed and genocide for 27 years by TPLF (tigrian liberation front) & OLF (oromo libration front)

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