Chinese Investment Boosts Ethiopia’s Economy

Chinese Investment Boosts Ethiopia's Economy

Chinese Investment Boosts Ethiopia's Economy

The relations between Ethiopia and China are now at their peak. The Chinese investment has hugely boosted the Eastern Africa nation’s economic growth. And as Cctv’s GIRUM CHALA reports, the Chinese have a special place in the hearts of Ethiopians

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  1. Get them a good infrastructure and educate them and guide them for a few years then slowly step back to a trading partner.

  2. Chinese very smart soon the will take over ,,,,, China gonna be better than Europe Japan and America just wait and see…. The help in Africa but the gain much more

  3. China is doing impressing work and showing good wiil towards helping to improve some parts of Afrca substantially, Greetings from Denmark (:

  4. China is increasing on building colonialism. First was Sri Lanka then came Zambia, Port Mombasa and then came Ethiopian-Djibouti railway. Leaders of these countries are hiding the Chinese take over from their people. No nation in history has developed by allowing its infrastructure being built by foreign powers.

  5. Go Africa go. Stay loyal to China as your loyal partner and don’t let the voice of distractions confuses you as African people. You are smart people, intelligence and you have bright hopes for the future. China has shown a lot so get on wagon and roll. And as you know, no one and I mean no one ever before tried to really took a chance in developing your country except stealing your resources. So roll with a punch Africa roll. God bless your relationship with China.

  6. 我是中国人,中国,一不输出暴力、战争,二不输出难民,在短时间内让解决全国人民温饱,提升人们生活质量,三不干扰别的国家内政,我们的国外投机都是贸易,win-win,你们给我们金钱或者资源,我们帮助你们建设基础设施,例如:发电厂、桥梁、公里、汉语学校、信号基站等等,改善你们的生活质量,教导、培训你们如何去使用,加大china国际影响力的同时帮助你们,你们没有权利指责中国。
    I’m english is poor,if you can speak Chinese, please help me to translate

  7. Great Smart partnership between China and African countries.

    We are proud of China and strongly support your Amazing Contributions to Humanity.

    We salute China President Xi Jin Ping!!!

  8. please get chinese out………..they no good….. afro will over populations…poors and price increase too much… get the west in… it will be balance.

  9. This is so much better than trump who declared that Africans are shit hole people then claimed he was misquoted he meant to say Africans are ass hole people, it is sad given trump remark, still many Africans got bought off by western NGO are still trying to defend the USA interest in Africa.

  10. We are here to work with Africa and make money.This is deal and trade not war or killing. We faced similar poverty or development problem before. We were also fucked by the western counties since 1840s to until 1940s so we understand you. I think chinese government is smart. They are doing this also for looking for potential friends or allies cuz we are blocked by the US in anywhere nowadays…

  11. I think all Ethiopians we should be very concerned for environment it should be the duty of all Ethiopians to preserve water
    And minimize pollution and work on free energy element 90 on the Periodic Chart the thorium reactor it’s cheap and has no hazardous waste .

  12. Africa looks East, we will help you grow your economy. We have the knowledge and know how. Of course this is business but it is win win for both. Africa will grow and gain knowledges from the East.

  13. The western is so scare when africa will not depend on western for aid, western country want to feel sorry for someone so themself could feel better. Unicef is useless, you teach africa nothing besides being lazy.

  14. Africa is growing, but for whom? Why did they have to teach you Africans or Ethiopia’s work ethics? couldn’t you develop your own? It seems like it doesn’t matter who invest in Africa, the poor remain poor, the downtrodden remains the same and poverty still becomes a way of life for the majority, while the Chinese, European and some of our own LEADERS continue to sell our people and their resources to these invaders. Every foreigner that comes to Africa, as long as he has a white skin, he gains the respect of Africans, in general. Except for their own people,. black Africans, I’m talking about African countries, the 54 countries who make up the continent. It’s about time African start loving and respecting your own people. The other nations don’t really like us. They HATE US like POISON. THEY ONLY COME TO AFRICA TO TRY ON RECOLONIZE.T? HEN TAKEOVER OUR LAND. WATCH OUT FOR THESE HATERS. SEE WHAT’S GOING ON IN MALI, CAMEROON, CANGO AND OTHER COUNTRIES THAT ARE WEALTHY IN RESOURCES?. FRANCE AND HIS CRONIES ARE CREATING THEIR MAN-MADE WAR IN THESE COUNTRIES, WITH GREAT HELP FROM OUR CORRUPTED LEADERS. THE WHOLE THE AFRICAN UNION ARE TOO BLIND TO SEE, WHEN IS OUR PEOPLE GOING TO WAKE UP FROM THE WHITEMAN’S SPELL?.

  15. Not all Chinese products are bad neither all the western products are good . Honestly speaking I can sense a kind of jealousy going on towards Chinese economy and its relations with Africa.

  16. warning we should stop the influx of Chinese in our continent
    Their long-term plan is to create big enough population in Africa that that they will eventually colonize it
    Chinese don’t do anything for free and unlike everyone else they’re not capable of feeling empathy or compassion
    He who has ear let him hear
    They will corrupt or officials colonize our people and oppresses in the end
    They will make Africa like Tibet

  17. We don’t need the Chinese we can do everything ourselves we have the capability and the know-how we can make Ethiopia first world nation by ourselves we should convert all our currency into a gold based currency and hold our gold as a security build our own factories and Export to the world take care of our people take care of our environment
    We don’t need to be in debt to Any Nation no Nation that has received loan or help has ever prospered if anyone or any Nation wants to do something for us then they should forgive the death Ethiopia has with the World Bank Ethiopia should be economically free so we can rebuild our nation properly without being exploited and we should Force all Nations to respect our people abroad specially the Arabs who have abused our people abroad it’s time Ethiopian we get our dignity and pride back

  18. 说实话,你们根本没有能力自己自己搞好基础建设,合作是最好的选择!然后,努力提升自己,中国就是这样在一个一穷二白的处境过来的,真正的崛起,自己必须要努力,中国的快速崛起,因为比别人付出了更多

  19. While the U.$ and its colonial fascist "allies" plunder and bomb the world, China quietly conquers the world through mutual benefit. China is doing the right thing.

  20. Across Africa, we see vast improvements. Africa is booming about now. Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa are booming right now.

  21. China has way too many people in it population Ethiopia there helping you now but It’s going to come when they going to want to spread out and they are going to take that country from you, the Arabs done the same thing look at the past and it will tell you your future wake up Africa for it’s too late you have no friends everyone that comes to Africa they take more than they give there fixing up Ethiopia for themselves. wake up

  22. I saw the thumb nail of the girl and just had to come and check her out. Her and the other sister are FINE! I hope they like Southeast Asians lol

  23. So sad that Africa is so easily exploited. They sale their culture, land, and waters for money. The chinese will pay with Wealthy smiles and promises of building schools, factories, maybe hospitals/clinics. Then move millions of their people from its crowded polluted lands to your coumtry ( Senegal, Ethiopia, Cameroon etc…) to emulate your culture, language, and turn your lands into concrete jungle with highrises and golf clubs on as much space as they can. They will take your country then sale it back to you at a GREATER PRICE. Don’t be fooled Africa.

  24. You think that Europeans are bad and Mussolini was bad wait until the Chinese get a firm grip and Africa .
    The way you look at a society and make a judgment on the character and culture in general is the way they treat one another this people genetically lack empathy
    They’re not moral people in their culture they say it’s better to lie and save face then to be honest I lose face which means lying is totally unacceptable behavior in their culture
    Since their land is polluted and they only have 15 years over drinking water left in their country because they have managed to pollute all their Rivers and all the underground water table if they decide to come and colonize out country and enslave our people what are we going to do we don’t even have the technology and the means to protect our people and our
    precious land Africa be careful of the Chinese one day if you play with a snake too much he will bite you

  25. What china is doing is simple. They have the money to trade for africas resources. Africa can trade for infrastructure and other things. Is a win win situation As we have seem. Unlike the west takes takes and takes

  26. Basically: Europeans enslaved china with cheap labor etc by outsourcing. China works for peanuts and saves their earning. Like the tourtoise and the rabbit, these peanuts becomes mountains of value. China now has wealth to do businesses else where. This is the peoples champ.

  27. what u know two ppl from totally different cultures getting along and appreciating each other.

  28. Well they are doing something for us! Even they also take from us!! So that will make it give and take! What did we get from the west insult, a bad name, and A GUN to kill each othere!

  29. A strong relationship with China is good but I fear corrupt African leaders will dig their countries in a hole (through loans) too deep to climb out of.

  30. As far as I’m concerned I as proud Ethiopian
    I only have one thing to say the Chinese don’t do anything for nothing if they give you a dollar the expect to take $100 back there’s a reason they’re doing this they think of long turn plan eventually is to exploit our people
    Now don’t think I’m racist I have been married to a Japanese woman for 20 years but if you tell me the Chinese that just helping Africans out of the Goodwill in in their hearts I will tell you you are living in Another Universe be careful of the Chinese they are running out of water in their own country that their land is polluted and believe me I have lived in this world 49 years and I’ve been exposed to all sorts of people from everywhere I’m sorry to say I have never met an honest Chinese person

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