Ethiopia follows Rwanda's lead, opens borders to Africans

Ethiopia has announced plans to open its borders so that all Africans can enter the country without prior permission.Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali made the announcement at a banquet held in honour of the visiting Rwandan leader, Paul Kagame. Abiy Ahmed says Ethiopia is proud to follow in Rwanda’s footsteps. As of January this year, all African nationals received visas on arrival at Kigali International Airport. The increased opening-up of Africa’s borders encourages the free movement of people. This in turn helps to promote integration, boost economic and tourism growth, and resolve conflict.

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50 Responses

  1. Its too sad that most Africans in the comments section are pointing fingers against each other, how they are Kenyans, South Africans, east Africans and west Africans plus Somalis?? Many people still suffering from colonial syndrome of hatred. I suggest that we can use nuclear to remove the generation of hate from Africa so that we get a new loving generation.

    Stupid Africans who bewitched u??? Are u keeping the identity wen Chinese, Americans, Europeans and the Ashkenazi are colonising u again??? Stupid Africans who bewitched u?? What nonsense are considering not to form united States of Africa,cz u are still serving the interests of ur masters in terms of religion ,Christianity and Islam dominated by a bunch of useless people who again come, colonise u,enslave u,and u are happy with that.

    But a proposal to unite u in trade, security and poverty eradication is a devil plan to make u lose yo identity?? Indeed Africans u are bewitched and stupid.

    Remaining beggars, killing each other,languishing in viscous cycle of poverty while seated on a multi trillion resource continent is a big achievement to stupid Africans. Tell them to hate each other as Nigerians, Ethiopians, Somalis, Bantu and other forms of nonsense like nudes and praising the whites, u will be their friend.

    Africans u are bewitched and stupid beyond repair that’s why a leader can use all state resources for his personal benefit leaving other people’s lives in a death custody.

    What’s wrong with staying with a Ugandan,Nigerian, Kenyan or south African??? Stupid African leaders, stupid continent, stupid people, stupid thinking and stupid mentality. Some few Africans deserve to live, others u are a mess and a loss to the continent and u deserve to die instantly without question.

  2. I think we are going to succeed in this journey that we have took a path for
    Let trade between us at the end of the day we are going to be very happy and healthy and we will live better in our own place without any moquering from the outsider..

  3. South Africa can not let Rwandan assassins to come to SA freely and kill those that question the Rwandan government. Secondly most African states are still in the hands of thug leaders that has been in power for many years and that alone creates the unnecessary African displacement and Africans as refugees. Displacements alone creates a burden to the host Nation due to the uneven resources that most African states are still trapped in at.

  4. Isn’t it the dream of Khadafy?

    Divide to control was a phrase invented by the Roman , the ideological ancestors of modern Europe

  5. Africa unite! Cheers from 🇪🇹💚💛❤️ PS. People say in the comments that criminal Nigerians will flood the country, let’s see. If that happens, we should take measures to restrict visa freedom for Nigerian citizens without affecting other criminals.

  6. Somalia borders was open since 1991 now we have uncauntable number of Ethiopians and Oromos flooding the whole north side of our country!

  7. Open borders and economic integration are a no-brainer but can be done slowly over time. However, a single army or a unified defense apparatus needs to be established like YESTERDAY. A single army is the wisest thing that 21st century Africa can do, esp given that we are at the dawn of a new era in human history…the era of super-states — China, india, the EU-USA (or western alliance). We are too weak and vulnerable as this small, weak 54 disconnected armies. If China decides to confiscate your railway or port tomorrow they can and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. Same with the USA, Europe or better yet NATO. You can’t predict the conflicts of tomorrow but you can be sure there will be conflicts. A single robust pan-African defense apparatus is the wisest thing we can do right now… followed by economic integration. The political unity of agenda 2063 is nice long term goal but can be done gradually.

  8. oh no no no! ethiopian people are religious both muslims and christians, pls the prime minister think twice. we dont need criminals and more prostitution in our beloved country.

  9. I think the guy answered well about South Africa, we have about 5 million immigrants and and we most if us still competing in the middle class, I believe we will open borders once we took land to us, because the current owners will limit opportunities and we will start saying immigrants are taking out jobs, and xenophobia. I think Africa should support or wait for black SA own the means of production.

  10. we all african should have one currency which we should print it in legos, Nigeria they are good printing that is y they are rich than rest of african wake up Africa

  11. Thank u Ethiopia 🇪🇹 for this wonderful news this can help small businesses to thrive in Ethiopia thank god ethiopians are not backwards like our cousins in Somalia,somaliens have a complexe issue they will let the Chinese to invest in Somalia even the arabs and italiens that colonise them to invest in somalia but not they own brothers and sisters from Africa to invest in the country,I will like to tell somali lande to stay away from man lande somaliens because they’re backwards,Ethiopians I think u need to colonise somalia to teache them on how to leave with others in Africa

  12. Don’t use colonial masters to refer to our oppression, Colonial Tyrants should be the word… Words are magical equipped with a lot of power. We need to start using them the right way! Peace

  13. How strong is African Security structure? S.African, Nigerian specific criminals will roam Africa without any problem. Do they behave lawfully? This is my concern.

  14. Ethiopia is the headquarter of Africa and also the political seat so it shd be open and also countries like Chad.South Africa.Niger.Mali.Algeria.Libya.Angola.Dr Congo.Namibia.Africans shd open up and creates alots of competition and more money and Taxation simple with security being 1st.

  15. The unified africa they are refering to is not making africa one country but rather one economic entity which will give you more power. Exactly how would you lose your identity? You are who you are if youre in africa or asia. Yall need to read instead of running your trap.(mouth)

  16. You can open the boarder for free trade, education and exchange of economic agendas yet its unfair to allow an overpopulated Ethiopia or Nigeria to that matter coming to SA to fight or squabble for the limited resources SA has for its people.

    Until SA and many democratic African nations set up ways to empower its locals first and and get the uneven wealth and uneven lands works for its population followed by an increase of affordable housing, cutting its high unemployment rates then it may consider to work with Some African nations that follows the rule of law in terms of human rights practices, fair governance and leadership. Right now we have not dealt with the displacements, religious and tribal wars going on in Somalia, Congo, Cameroon, and many other African nations yet we are rushing to open the boarders and Free trade..let’s just take a second does this really make sense or we are still dumb to be filled by these thug dictators that wants to serve their dirty agendas.

  17. don t unith. means. victum of every. budy. that don t look like you ore have your collor fake leaders. shud be shot

  18. We need one federal army the most with nuclear weapons and missiles. Others can follow later when we achieve true sovereignty

  19. One love the strong African
    Africa is my world
    Seay I am African
    Seay I will be helped my blood
    Seay we are one
    Seay we shuld have to improve our. World
    One man
    One Africa
    One world
    Open the borders of our world

  20. as other african countries we are just watching if this system will be have much advantage than dis advantages as to increase crime withing countries if will be no increased crimes we will follow that system
    @# congrats rwanda and ethiopia for showing us a way

  21. The only solution to solve most of our problems is to fix it at home and not throw it on your neighbours which will only bring us all down.
    Opening Africa borders with no questioning will only worsen things and make it lawless inside.
    Im not South African but I advice rich South Africa to not fall for it, close your border to those who have no visa and not interested to work.

  22. Why can’t you just speak simple English for local populous to understand with ease. Just say, Africans can’t go to MERICA cause they are way developed and people / Africans in general don’t always want to go back if they are allowed there. Same thing to S. Africa. Stop with nonsense of colonial masters.

  23. Why can Africans open borders and trade with each other, AFRICA should be first then we will succeed✌🏿✊🏿🙌🏿💪🏿

  24. We Nigerians reject one Africa ,it is good to do business and trade with each other . But we are nevr and would nevr be one . Most Africans countries only like you in good times when you are in bad times they would disown you . We would develop our country and would build a WALL

  25. Good one, this will really help Africans.
    economy will balloon, and intra traditional and modern day life will be facilitated, then security and intelligent should be top priority for the continent to be safe.

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