Hong Kong protesters break into government building

Hong Kong protesters broke into the city’s “legislative building”:http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong before police arrived to stop them.

There followed several confrontations both in the building and on the street outside.

Last week an injunction was issued forbidding street barricades and ordering the dismantling of all but the main protest site.

One protester, his face partially covered with a scarf, explained the symbolism of breaking into the building:

“The glass was broken because the …
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7 Responses

  1. Fucking provocateurs. I KNEW that the few remaining asswipes would do something, as interest in their campaign died down and students went back to school. These hardcore provocateurs are probably paid directly by the US govt.

    Besides the month-old footage of large crowds, there are only TWO provocateurs. This ain’t a case of tensions rising, this is a case of obvious attention-whoring and VANDALISM so whore-networks like Ewwronoose can once again make use of the reporters stationed there 24/7 and their recycle their old clips.

  2. This is a cheap publicity stunt to grab the headlines again because people don’t give a fuck anymore. The destruction of public property is a serious crime, and those responsible should face the law. Ironic, they’re calling for democracy and trashing public buildings at the same time (buildings that the Hong Kong taxpayer paid for, and will now need to repair) lol. They just long any respect that the average Hong Konger once had for em. 

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