Meet the Beauty Queen Who Inspired Gambia’s Me Too Movement After Accusing Ex-Dictator of Rape

In Gambia, an ongoing public truth and reconciliation commission is investigating the atrocities of former President Yahya Jammeh, who ruled the West African country of 2 million people for 22 years before his regime ended in 2016. In widely shared public testimony that has been live-streamed to tens of thousands of people, survivors and members of Jammeh’s death squad who killed migrants, journalists and civilians during the president’s reign are telling their stories for the world to hear. One such survivor is Fatou “Toufah” Jallow, who says the former president raped her in 2015. We speak with Jallow, a Gambian feminist and anti-rapist activist, and Reed Brody, counsel and spokesperson for Human Rights Watch who is currently leading the prosecution of Jammeh.


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  1. Yes the President was right about that man omar Jallow…. after working in Liberia with the NPFL if I was him what goes around come around .. I was going to take you on all down….

  2. People are horrible. At least she’s speaking out and attempting to get justice for herself. Women really get it the worst.

  3. Why not have an ugly contest and give them scholorships?
    Prostitution=beauty pagents… ask the trumptard. he knows.

  4. It is true that when those of us who have been raped and/or sexually assaulted tell our stories, it helps other victims tell their stories, it helps society realize that this is actually happening even if they don’t personally see it, and it warns people who are thinking of raping someone that their victims most likely won’t be silent about it. Those of us who can speak out should do so for the sake of those who can’t speak out and so that future generations might have a life without these kinds of abuses of their humanity.

  5. Fix Gambias roads and electrical and water. America is pumping money into getting rid of leadership from the oan africanist country. No mention of the whites who go there to buy sex. This is propaganda.

  6. Pay job story story lies lies western world plan works against African Leaders. . all this girl’s are Devils on Earth…

  7. Where is the Beauty Queen? The one with gaps in her teeth? Nice cheek bones though. Ok. Women forget common sense while chasing fame and validation of beauty. Hope she gets justice.

  8. We don’t talk about the killings,the hits our presidents commit yearly to anyone they think,like Epstein,they can kill and dismiss as a suicide,an accident, a heart attack…

  9. I don’t believe that fatou jallow because some body who is rape, you can seen it in body language but for me she is looking for popular

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