Mugabe donates $1 million to African Union

Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, has called for more innovative ways of funding African Union programmes.
He handed over a one million dollar cheque to the foundation.
The money, he says, was raised from the sale of some of his cattle, as well as from donations.

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12 Responses

  1. Mad Bob, it doesn’t add up – 300 auctioned cows will not nearly deliver an amount of 1 Million USD! Top Nguni cows go for around R10K x 300 = R3M which is only $227 000!

  2. My dear president, how many children in your country can’t afford education yet you grandstand with that $1mil at the AU. Please clean your house first before volunteering to clean the neighbours’ house.

  3. People will attack him for it, the country has so many issues that should be tackled but $1 million for a country, any country, is a drop in the ocean… He called it modest, but anything less than $10 million is not substantial in my view. I agree to the counter argument though as well that they have bigger problems…

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