Neighbours angered by old South African flag

A Cape Flats family has angered its neighbours by refusing to bring down the old South African flag displayed on its rooftop.
They say it symbolises their plight, 20-years after the dawn of democracy.

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14 Responses

  1. Its Hilarious how a colored (or black i don’t know the South African defenitions) proudly waves the South African apartheid flag and a White South African gets offended by it

  2. So… let me get this straight, the old South African flag is kind of like what we Americans think of the Confederate Flag?

  3. wait why is he complaining! South africa (economically and militarily) was great. It was a machine which could penetrate its enemies. compared to modern south africa its a global superpower.

  4. dumb and dumber… I don’t think they know how many colored people died in the name of that flag.they need to stop smoking drugs and get their shxt together

  5. Im Confused… okay… im always Confused, cause we got here (in the Little Town i Live) Black People Showing the Apartheid Flag of South Africa and the Flags of the South States (including Confederate Battle Flag and Stars and Bars), i already saw one of them Showing the Wehrmacht Car Identification Flag for the Luftwaffe.

    Why is my Town so Confusing?
    But at least no one is Offended.
    But i am… about the Wehrmacht Identification Flag…

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