Nigerians in South Africa demand an end to xenophobic attacks

Nigerians in South Africa demand an end to xenophobic attacks

Nigerians in South Africa demand an end to xenophobic attacks

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50 Responses

  1. That is what we are passing here in Kenya our embassy will not do anything police are treating people here in Kenya I’m tired of Africa Africans hate themselves i blame our government people will are good than is using us as a slave God help us African

  2. My fellows please send AU delegation to South Africa to come and investigate by conducting interviews so that we can all know the real issues here. My Africans u will be so shocked with what the ordinary citizens are going through here, is unnoticeable trauma. Please help South Africa, what is happening here will not end anytime soon, it’s a serious problem. Let me just stop there

  3. all foreign nationals have rights what’s happening here in my country is not right nobody had the right to take the law into there on hands it is wrong

  4. This is Afrophobia, hatred against humanity – it is tagged Xenophobia until the black South African attacks any White or Asian.
    Fxck it.

  5. See stupid police of. Nigeria I know South Africa Government r. Support this that why you see the police. Can do anything to they but foolish police of Nigeria. See what they r doing lea the Nigeria. To kill South Africa. Too. I know know why Nigeria police like show. And the foolish we r all facings the problem of Nigeria…. foolish stupid country fuck. Nigeria 🇳🇬…… the Government make Nigeria become like this if u make light jobs. Know Nobody will go that killing country South Africa the Government of Nigeria don’t care for me and u they care for money. We r not going to stop killing SA. And if any police want to stop us we kill the police also. Stupid Government ur. People r. Death and u want to go next month what stop you to go Now. Or u r sick again bec in one year u sick for 7 months. foolish Government stupid police… r fight. Ur own people do SA. Kill own. People I don’t know why Nigeria police r fool.

  6. South African people have a point: All illegal immigrants with their illegitimate business i.e.drug dealers, human trafickers, identify theft, rape etc cannot continue in South Africa. Immigrants must understand that crime affects others. South African people condemn violence.

  7. Love that proverbs sir, every other person will want to treat a woman the way the husband treats her! We are not respect in Nigeria as a Nigerian! There is no day the TV’s and radio stations doesn’t announce HERDSMEN attack or killing and I asked wat is the government under president Mohammed Buhari is doing about!, am not in support of xenophobic attacks! Data so barbaric.

  8. Yip it’s Afrophobia. I am not on anyone’s side in this. But take the Nigerian and South Africans our of it. Person A was stopped selling drugs in a taxi by person B who is a drug dealer. Person B killed person A who is a taxi driver. Taxi drivers are a mafia on its own. Naturally those taxi drivers went out for blood as that’s what they do. Then the rest is mob following antics. Internally the SA president condemns Xenophobia but on the ground he blames not Nigerians but ALL foreigners for what the black population does not have healthcare, services etc. Just for peoples info foreigners are treated terribly by hospitals if even treated as the locals despise foreigners. So foreigners don’t use those facilities. The fact of the matter it’s the SA govt trying to cause problems shifting issues from their corrupted ways. But hey who guessed a terrorist party could not run a country?? Go figure hahaha. I know foreign Africans who have come to SA not even speaking English and many are focused and are their to educate themselves and uplift their families good on them.

  9. Tribalism in Nigeria has claimed alot of lives ,so please don’t act surprised ,infact can’t you guys see these people target Nigerian because most Nigerians in SA sells drugs in the street (Not all of them) but that’s the image they imposed to most South African and even some are proud ………….

  10. It seems to me the issue is governments must be strong in combatting crime committed in their country. If a Nigerian commits a crime against a South African in South Africa, the South African police and justice system must arrest, try, and if the person is convicted, subject the perpetrator to the punishment called for under South African law. Likewise, if a South African commits a crime against a Nigerian in South Africa, the South African police and justice system must arrest, try, and if the person is convicted, subject the perpetrator to the punishment called for under South African law.

    A society cannot be stable if lawlessness is allowed to flourish. And the citizens of both countries must demand of their leaders that people who are within the country’s borders are kept safe no matter where those people happen to be from. It is under these conditions, which create an environment in which passions don’t overheat, that the grievances of the citizens can be dealt with in a constructive manner.

  11. I don’t know if I am being xenophobic or what. But I have an opinion.

    You do not go into a foreign country and make demands as if you are a citizen.

    You do not go into a foreign country and perpetrate crime. You do not go into a foreign country, rape, rob and murder. You do not go into a foreign country and feel you have a right to destroy property simply because you think you are not treated fairly. You do not go into a foreign country and force the citizens to live in fear because you have smuggled guns into their territory and openly challenge its citizens, police and army to a fight/war. I do not know if I am being xenophobic or what. But I have an opinion.

    You do not go into a foreign country and assault its law enforcement agents or officers. You do not go into a foreign country forcefully and illegally cease buildings and apartments and in them conduct illegal businesses like drugs pushing and prostitution. You do not go into a foreign country and kidnap its children and ritually murder them, force them to become drug mules and traffic them overseas where they become sex slaves. You do not go into a foreign country and trick its innocent children to become drug addicts by lacing their candies and ice pops. I do not know if I am being xenophobic but I have an opinion.

    You do not go into a foreign country and take its citizens’ jobs, businesses and land and then insult them that they are lazy, stupid and uneducated. You do not go into a foreign country and take its women and daughters and call its men and sons impotent. You do not go into a foreign country and bribe its young women with money and material things into losing their innocence and leave them with fatherless children. I do not know if I am being xenophobic or what. But I have an opinion.

    You do not go into a foreign country and take over its key sectors like mining, finance, and infrastructure development and ostracise its citizens by appointing and empowering your own fellow foreigners. You do not come into a foreign country and take over its spiritual formation processes by hijacking their churches and financially exploiting their members. I do not know if I am being xenophobic or what. But I have an opinion.

    You do not come into a foreign country and collapse its health and social welfare system by fraudulently obtaining citizenship in order to benefit from social grants, free health care and free education. You do not come into a foreign country to fraudulently benefit from the free housing scheme while you boast about having lands and cows "back home". You do not go into a foreign country just to give birth so that your child can have foreign citizenship.

    The list is endless of what you should not do in a foreign country.

    I do not know if I am being xenophobic or what. But I just have an opinion.

  12. STOP IT STOP IT NOW 🗣🗣🗣🗣, as a Black American I am very applaud by the black South Africans attacking there fellow black Africans from other Africans countries, it makes no damn fucking sense!!!!!!, Black South Africans need to be focus on getting back 90% of the land that was stolen by the European colonizers!!!!( or at least come up with an arrangement that allows the black South Africans to at least get majority of the land back in there families ownership). Land is the ultimate wealth creator 💰 not fighting your black brother & sister over small mediocre jobs controlled & owned by Europeans, Asian or middle eastern people who sometimes don’t have our best interests at heart (not all Europeans, Asians & middle eastern Arabs are racist however, those groups specifically the older generation enjoy suppressing people of African descent) The continent of Africa with all of its beautiful majestic countries are finally all coming together (unified African passport ✅, single currency in west Africa that will eventually spread across the continent giving Africa a single currency 💵, & the African Free Trade Agreement 🤜🏿🤛🏿 which will make the continent of Africa a 3 Trillion dollar trade economy which will be the biggest in the world 🌍 😃, bigger than my country of North America 🇺🇸) now is not the time for petty arguments & fights over stupid bullshit such as who should be in what country. Keep in mind that the Europeans created these borders to create divisions among our people so that we wouldn’t come together. I find it strange that as the final talks in the ‘African Free trade agreement’ are taking place in South Africa these attacks & fights began happening on a massive scale & now it’s happening across the continent!!!! It’s almost as if certain entities don’t want Africa/African to unify 🤔. don’t get side track by foolishness keep your eyes on the prize of financial African Unity (AFTA) & getting back land ownership in South Africa

  13. Africans, do not allow drugs to be brought in your own country. Nigérians, stop killing Africains. It is very wrong. Do business and dont bring crime to other African countries. Pray. 🙏🙏🙏🙏.

  14. The whites in South Africa know how you feel good Nigerians. As a white person from America, one who has a family member by marriage who is an Afrikaner, I stand with the Nigerians as well as the Afrikaners and Khoisians. I stand with you Nigerian people. Hail victory brothers in arms!

  15. Xenophobia will not end until heads of state of African countries govern their people well. By the way, what is the number of aliens residing in Nigeria to that of SA. Is Nigeria a safe country to reside.

  16. One of the panelists mentioned the taking of jobs. If companies owned by foreigners are being established in South Africa, the South African government must require those businesses to employ South Africans.

    And if people from outside of South Africa are coming to South Africa because South Africa has a shortage of workers with particular skills, the South African government must see to it that it facilitates the development of those skills within its native population.


  18. Keep spreading this narrative of Nigerians being victims until you actually see the actual crimes they commit everyday with your own eyes and the pain and the hurt of these forever drugged girls being prostituted and the future of your country falling apart in front of you as you look helplessly. The amount of children stolen every other day, drugs sold shamelessly in our CBD’s, the scams, the abuse of our sisters and many more. Truth is these guys are committing crime and even more have the audacity to rub it in people’s faces.

    I am not for the violence and I don’t think it should have been allowed to come to that. The S.A gov should have avoided this a long time ago by dealing with crime accordingly but they have not and now even peace loving citizens are feeling pushed to extreme measures.

  19. Africans can easily be attacked in China but the Chinese will never suffer Xenophobic in Africa simply because the are fully/completely protected by the Authorities and the Chinese have their own Police stations in the sovereign Republic of South Africa with all Chinese Officers and drive in Armored cars with more Firepower than the local police

  20. The fact that they are targeting Shoprite, MTN and Multichoice is a sign that there is no South Africans rooming the streets of Nigeria and owning shops and spazas there. And selling drugs to their people. These big companies from SA are contributing to their economy and 98% of people employed there are Nigerians. If those companies closed, hundreds of thousands of their people will be jobless. But here in SA, their people contribute nothing except crime.

  21. It’s time to leave people the South Africans have spoken they don’t need our help. I agree with the point made by the man speaking on the lack of diplomatic assistance. Zimbabweans are dying like flies and Mnangagwa is playing dead, not a single word from him

  22. South Africa 1st before we accommodate African 1st ,south Africa is a country they must stop with this shit of Africa for Africans

  23. Mbeki first arrived in Nigeria in 1977 as the ANC’s representative to the country after he was deported from Swaziland. Nigeria’s military head of state, General Murtala Muhammed, had just been murdered in a failed coup and it was the lot of Obasanjo, his reluctant successor, to lead the country through a chaotic phase that combined the gluttony of oil wealth with the ribaldry of the continent’s first festival of African arts and culture. Lagos became Mbeki’s home away from home. He cultivated the inner circles of power and the relationship he built at the time not only gave the ANC a solid base, but it would become serviceable many years later when Mbeki and Obasanjo met again as presidents of their respective countries.

  24. South Africa can no longer afford foreigners, our public health care is collapsing, our housing system is collapsing, we don’t have enough jobs or the infrastructure for our own citizens, let alone foreigners, leave our country, move back to your own countries , rest of Africa needs South African companies in Africa, we don’t need foreigners in our country

  25. South Africa should stop that wickedness of being a tool in the hands of the devil! They should use common sense to know their fellow citizens too are all over the world. Will they feel good when their own people are being killed too?

  26. Repent and turn away from your sinfull ways people …the end of age is upon us…this is only going to get worse..Seek JESUS today…

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