Over 100 Elephants starve to death amid severe droughts in Zimbabwe

105 elephants have starved to death in Zimbabwe over the last three months as severe drought has put vegetation, animals, and Zimbabwe’s human population at risk.

Footage filmed within the Mana Pool National Park on Sunday shows several elephant carcasses laying on the ground.

On top of the severe droughts, another factor leading to the elephants’ starvation, according to Head of communication of Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Tinashe Farawo, is overpopulation.


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50 Responses

  1. This will happen to humans too by 2028 there will not be enough food for the entire global population. I suspect food prices to rise significantly next year especially pork. As 25% of the pig population is about to die because of African swine flu.

  2. How many people are starving in your city, country or maybe even street? Instead of "crying" on the internet of how "unjust" the world is and about animals who you can’t do anything for you can if you really want to help feed the homeless who would actually know how to appreciate your gesture.

  3. That’s terrible, and it proves yet again how drastically the weather is changing out of synch with any natural patterns, as the animals would obviously know where to go to get water, and they know how to follow the rains and inundations.

  4. Humans are suppose to be the care takers of the planet. Instead we act like parasites intent on self preservation, tribalism and materialism. Has got to stop humanity. Black man crested a huge evap water machine that generates water in mass. His machine could save the souls of billions of lives on the planet human and non human. He is already being targeted by the status quo.

  5. How come animals aren’t eating…I see water right next there wtf rtnews tells on usa(we all like) but they fake news just like young cnn nbc Fox etc..

  6. Does global warming exist? Yes it obviously does. Anyone who doesn’t should go to Italy and go to the flooded city. Still don’t believe it, well we’re screwed.

  7. Zimbabwe should learn from India. Elephants are thriving today in India !!! Thanks to Government’s Wild Life Habitats and Harsh Penalties on Poaching, Elephant Population in India is 30,000 as of 2019.

  8. I’m going to quote George Carlin in varied performances.

    "The earth is doing just fine. It’s us humans that will go extinct and the earth being a self reproducing structure will heal itself in time. At any given moment 20 species go extinct per day."

    Breaks my heart to see animals die from dehydration. Elephants or Predators. Misery sucks.

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