President Kagame holds a press conference at the 30th African Union summit

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  1. Your Exllence Poul kagame we are proud of and we really luv ase we know Rwandan peaple where we are you have done great job throught t where you moving forward leading africa union we know well you fight and you reach to the destination you want we like you and good Job Mr President .

  2. Putting Africa’s number one problem (corruption) up is commendable. Let us not forget that the people behind the whole crisis in Africa are looking at him directly and will resist any change.

  3. One thing I don’t understand is that why 2063 , because u this leaders now can not do nothing that why u give all to us the new generation

  4. So keep recycling the same old tired leadership indefinitely… What a farse and the curse that is Africa. Makes me sick

  5. To show how small you African leaders value themselves, they held meeting with Donald Trump and did not ask him to apologize for his rude remarks. The name really fits "shithole"

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