Robert Mugabe tells ITV News Zimbabwe ‘must undo disgrace’ of ‘military takeover’ | ITV News

Robert Mugabe tells ITV News Zimbabwe 'must undo disgrace' of 'military takeover' | ITV News

Robert Mugabe tells ITV News Zimbabwe 'must undo disgrace' of 'military takeover' | ITV News

Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has told ITV News he was forced out of power by a military coup – but played down reports he plans to re-run for office.

In an exclusive interview with Africa Correspondent John Ray, Mr Mugabe opened up for the first time since he was removed as leader late last year.

During his 40 years in power, Mr Mugabe was accused of ruining the African nation’s economy and overseeing human rights abuses.

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50 Responses

  1. it’s funny he wanted to be removed democratically yet for more than a decade he stayed in power by force and rejected democracy!!

  2. Not a hero when there’s no hospital to treat you in your own country.
    I call him the "thing" and not a man. This is the thing which successfully managed to create a hell for his people, left his people worse than he found them.

    Chose the wrong battles at the wrong time that’s what you call insightless. Please we need compost manure bury him quickly so that thing’s body rots and people can grow potatoes on the grave. Throw that thing’s body in a shallow ditch don’t waste time making a proper burial, that thing doesn’t deserve it.

    People like Mugabe stopped being heroes when he clung onto power and went beyond two terms unlike Mandela. Until Africans stop seeing such things as heroes then Africans have a long long long way to go and in the meanwhile you’ll continue to be the dumbest and least developed people in the world because you make excuses for bad things that you often call leaders.

    That thing didn’t even achieve the land reforms after all.

  3. Just imagine this man and Nkrumah giving a lecture on African studies. You’d be sitting on the edge of your seat. It would be intellectually stimulating and very fascinating

  4. Goodbye Mugabe you are a true man and I respect you for what you have done giving the land back to your people and black people never die we are the original man better yet we are the gods because we black people give life to other races on this planet, we will never die we will only multiplied on this universe because it’s ours. On the mean time the enemy, the devil think that he have control over us but they are only fooling them self and they tried everything to get rid of us but we still here cause we black people have know beginning and have know ending in this world.

  5. Listen to him,you don’t move base on the noise but your party,that is the reason Africa would never move forward politically,where a hell is the party more important than the people that elected the party,if not in Africa?rest in hell Mugabe

  6. He murdered thousands of people, destroyed the economy of the country, caused people to flee out of Zimbabwe leaving their precious land behind. What a hero!!!

  7. Why would he be praise for the things he did to his people, if the land is rich, then everyone should be successful, why his wife steal land from the poor, I feel so sad for how they being take advantage of , all that money for that home going wrong

  8. Rest in peace Comrade. We have Zimbabwe and not rhodesia because of you. British have no moral authority to tell Africa anything

  9. Christians how when people were murdered and continue to be murdered under the name of Zanu pf.This system must go we want a democratic zimbabwe we are fadeup.

  10. Sir Mugabe was the real deal. Zimbabwe did not know what they had. Rest in peace, Sir. A real unapologetic black man.

    Be at peace.

  11. Hahahaha this devil died in Singapore ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

    It didn’t die in it’s own run down shell of a country… ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

    Unrest in hell you ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  12. I am convinced that the only reason Mugabe agreed to stand down was because it was advised by his Church. He had great respect for the Holy Catholic Church that made him reach self-actualisation through education and faith.

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