Sierra Leone Police At The APC Headquarters 31st May 2019 – Sierra Network

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As the APC and SLPP parliamentarian court proceedings was in session, things escalated quickly at the APC Party Headquarters. This program is aired Live Everyday on Sierra Network Radio Website and Sierra Network Facebook Page at 2pm ET and 7pm UK

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50 Responses

  1. I was ready to go to Sierra Leone as a tourist for two weeks and am interested in visiting, but if there are problems, it’s better not to go there.

  2. U are right Mrs Fatima😭😭😭now they are chasing the stakeholders in there places with fireing😭😭😭😭😭😭is this the changes his talking about?

  3. I see no reasons why Sierra Leoneans should fight for parties (SLPP and APC ) that has failed our beloved Nation for too long .

  4. I see no reasons why Sierra Leoneans should fight for parties (SLPP and APC ) that has failed our beloved Nation for too long .

  5. It’s so sad and hearts trending views from some diasporan for been not righteous to both APC & slpp,but some of them are partizans for sentiment, so they can be sported in by their comments so the ruling party can give them a favour. which is not good for Mama salone ,let be just and be fair by what’s happening pleased.

  6. Salone youth Enti una fool dae Party wae una dae strike 4 dae leaders pikin em all dae overseas dae sleep una AC 247 una dae Salone pa big fool. Na wae Salone police nr dae use real bullet pa una Na make una still dae pa dis strike.

    Re support dae Salone police 101%

  7. I’ve never seen a government in power looking for war. Maada Bio and Lawrence leema want to commit genocide against the Temnes and the Limbas . That’s why they’re using every provocations to bring the Mendes against northwesterns since they’re in control of arms and ammunition. We as northwesterns, we’ll defend ourselves when the time comes

  8. People are upset about this back and forth stupid violence. This will drive foreign investors away. This is not good for the country image. As a human we need to advocate for peace.

  9. Ah been dey think for do some serious investment back home,ah betteh keep me money nah america,ah tire wit america but them news yah way man dem dey yerie make man lose hope,but nah me country ah so confused right now

  10. Ooo salone we never get good news
    Thanks to the judiciary for standing for the truth and follow the law
    We nor dae at war just been the lawlessness too much
    APC must be serious and for us
    Thanks to the Sierra Leone police

  11. APC ruled Sierra Leone for more them 26 years without no involvement or intervention on how they were ruling the country. Why APC is acting in such a manner as if they were the only people capable to rule Sierra Leone? Please give other parties the chance to rule.

  12. I don’t know I want to see something about this what’s happening in in my father country you know in Sierra Leone about these two party slpp and APC is that right now this is the first country weird things like this to take a seat for it up Patti you want to take you to on you on you on your own you know this is just like you say you do you just want to have it to you when he’s wrong so this this is not the time again this is we are going to 2020 stop president you call yourself

  13. Salone problems based on the country constitution, laws does not establish in all angles as such as to limit politicians power toward the country, campaigning, protesting, and individuals right. In democracy the power belong to the people because they have the right to elect their rulers through voting

  14. I appreciate the fact that you are creating a platform to discuss important issues. However, the video caption is misleading and don’t try to create your own definition of war. War is mostly defined as an "armed conflict". Given our recent history, the use of the word "war" has a well defined meaning.

  15. Please APC your stop this type of things that your are doing right now, it show no love for the country.

  16. I seem to understand why Bio is acting as a Thug, Sierra Leonean are stupid and the house of Representatives has a bunch of toothless dogs. When the parliament and construction is dysfunctional the president abuses his power because he is lack leadership competence. Authorities in Salone are born imbecile, they can’t uphold law and order, not even exercise basic human rights. We haven’t learned from our tragic war, Salone can burn as if I care.

  17. Most callers are not honest with even their maker ,how can u have two political cases in court? and they only deside on one case which the tribalistic SLPP party

  18. But the ruling party don’t want peace my sister.
    I was expecting them after the so called peace conference, they should have handled this situation in a very transparent manner especially when 32 MPs were also petitioned from the side of the SLPP and 16 MPs from the APC, these petitioned cases should be addressed accordingly. But if they decides to hear only the cases against the APC and ignoring the cases against the SLPP, to be honest, this is unacceptable.

  19. Fatima from New York is very Salent lady.the whole thing started when the president impose the speake on the majority

  20. The constitutional review would not have solved this issue. If the election is invalid, you hold another one, not award the seats to someone else.

  21. Please correct your heading, Sierra Leone can never be in a war again,this is just stupidity,the people who are fighting them selves are crazy how can u fight for someone who never for once showed up on the chaos,they are together in one body while d stupid Sierra leonean are be misleaded, please Sierra Leonean think twice and don’t allow anyone to work on your intelligence for chicken change.As for the police they are working on an instruction so they are only doing their job,if u don’t think about what happened years back during the war then u guys are very stupid

  22. Only a blind and stupid person can say Sierra Leone is at war.. The APC party office and its immediate environs where the Sierra Leone riot Police had an encounter with some party supporters. While their tea party was going on, the entire Freetown went about their normal business including the busy Sanni Abacha street. The fact remains that the New Direction should remove lawlessness that is headed by APC party and the supporters. APC members in America and other countries that are living and eating fat set stupid Sierra Leoneans against the Police.

  23. join the campaign!
    Stand with the Poor and Defenseless Innocent Women of Sierra Leone by say, The Violence Against Women Should Stop Now. Using Guns and harmful weapons against them by the Police is inhuman, unprofessional and unacceptable. By Brima
    please join the campaign

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