Soldiers in Ivory Coast repeat mutiny | Inside Story

Soldiers in Ivory Coast repeat mutiny – Inside Story

Their first uprising ended in January – now disgruntled soldiers are staging another mutiny in Ivory Coast for the same reason.

This time government leaders say they won’t negotiate.

On Sunday, the government reportedly gave the mutineers an ultimatum – to drop their demand for unpaid bonuses or order would be quickly restored.

24 hours later, heavy gunfire has been heard in the two largest cities Abidjan and Bouake.

Pro-government protesters demanding an end to the chaos have been shot.

So what will it take to end this uprising?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Alex Vines, Head of the Africa Programme, Chatham House.

Abdon Bayeto, Adviser to former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo.

Adrienne Klasa, Editor of the Financial Times publication This is Africa.

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8 Responses

  1. this journalist is a jerk, he is trying to prevent that man from telling the truth. The UN are a bunch of idiots. this aljazeera journalist is an idiot, he knows the truth and he is trying to move away from it

  2. the last 24 hours have been very scary! Being on the ground, the media dont report anything and the population gets all their infos from social media

  3. ITALIAN made documentary ( with English subtitles) : This is how France maintain 14 African countries in slavery (youtube).
    You will see that 2 of the 3 guests are pure evil liars.
    The Italian channel shows what happened in Côte d’Ivoire.

  4. Ya! All the wealth of Ivory Coast is in France, Belgium, Europe(as a whole) USA, and Canada. Plentiful Chocolates and Cocoa beverages in the West at the expense of the starving soldiers and their families. All they are saying to the feign and worthless politicians is, "Enough is Enough, start taking care of your people and quit shipping our wealth and resources to the West". Neo-Colonialism under the auspices of Slave Masters and their Sycophantic oppressors, decorated and paraded as leaders of Africans, yet serving Europeans. Simply take a good look at the commentators in this video! Why should Europeans be invited to debate what is happening in Africa amongst Africans? Who and Whom crowned them as experts on Africa and Africans? Do you see Africans invited to News commentaries on BBC, CNN etc.. when it comes to matters relating to the West? Nonsensical gibberish as always…..Think about it!

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