South Africa: a bitterly divided nation

South Africa: a bitterly divided nation

South Africa: a bitterly divided nation

The death of Nelson Mandela shines a sharp focus on what in parts is still a bitterly divided society. Many black communities remain desperately poor, while much of the country’s wealth – and land .Sign up for Snowmail, your daily preview of what is on Channel 4 News, sent straight to your inbox, here:

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50 Responses

  1. I am from Kenya and I just saw a video on youtube on South Africa in 1980. Blacks were shot indiscriminatively by whites. The whites in South Africa are lucky they are not being served the same treatment.

  2. If the whites farmers organized themselves into farming units like a kibbutz or Hutterite colony, it would be much harder for farm murders to occur.

  3. She should be shot in her head. I am in full support of killing these white supremacist time will never change them only death.

  4. This guy is in informed. Many times these farm murders last hours or days, that’s not burglary. How dare he say this is being misrepresented.

  5. Okay this was just wrong and I’m black but I still think it’s wrong, this lady doesn’t deserve this, she’s old enough to be my grandmother I can’t even imagine this happening to her

  6. goodnight feel better going home and being around and being around their own people and leave the South Africans alone it’s time for them to go home I’m quite sure a lot of your white countries would take them in instead of talking about it do something take them in invite them to your country you’re so worried about them

  7. hate to say it, but think all the whiteys there need to leave, or else they gonna get killed…..the ruling party (*anc) already said it

  8. This is a very racist commentary. White wealth, black poverty, the over-generalizations are astounding. If you want to be a journalist, at least try to be balanced, isn’t that what balanced reporting is all about? The report should be about white murders perpetrated by black thugs, including the government. Reclaim stolen land, it was never stolen, do your homework and find out the facts, don’t just take what people tell you!

  9. Answering the "journalist" at 3:14.

    Julius Malema says: "I’m saying to you, we’ve not called for the killing of white people, AT LEAST FOR NOW".

    His party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is currently the third-largest party in both houses of the South African Parliament.

    So maybe the "journalist" should go back and revisit the topic.

  10. You cant hold onto all the land…That’s unreasonable ….You should find a way to redistibute weallth because it was stolen from the black people…..

  11. I don’t know what other point of view one could expect from a British TV station.The whites and especially the Boers are being prepared for mass murder.Even some of them don’t realise it.When the blacks do this, there won’t be a mouthful of food to be found anywhere in this pityful dive they are so determined to turn this once bountiful country into.

  12. I still don’t understand why they didn’t split the country in half, lol blacks wait for jobs and hosing, fucking build your own house and create your own jobs, Afrikaans need to form an army and take back the country before they murder them all.

  13. There showing your people the same hate you have shown them, but your people didn’t and still don’t view your people’s actions as wrong! White people have had a negative interaction with all cultures of color!

  14. Ok so let me get this reporter straight: of the 32 000 farmers 4000 have been tortured and then murdered but according to him it is a fraction of the black farm workers murdered. So that means that there must be 150 000 farm workers murdered then – NOTHING reported by the way. Also – if farmers are just simply a soft target for burglaries why rape and torture children. Lastly – where do they get their research as farm murders according to our government doesn’t exist and no statistics were gathered on it. Conclusion: YOU MUST THINK PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS

  15. Yawn .. nobody cares. The real South Africans are taking their country back and you know what so sad too bad. Tell the Invaders to go back where they came from hundred years ago. they are such arrogant pricks, even new zealanders are having problems with the influx of white South Africans who they find to be arrogant and ignorant. God bless black South Africans.

  16. Fine forgive, know history, make better future. I’m Tanzanian. Have nothing to do with Latin people. Your reason is primitive and short tempered.

  17. hate to say it, but think all the whiteys there need to leave, or else they gonna get killed…..the ruling party (*anc) already said it

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