South Africa’s Langa Township Deals with “Poverty Tourists” – The Jim Jefferies Show

Jim heads to Langa Township in Cape Town, South Africa, to learn about the neighborhood – and about the unfortunate “poverty tourism” trend.

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The Jim Jefferies Show is here to shake up the humdrum formula of the political late-night show. Jim tackles the news of the day with no-bulls**t candor, piercing insight and a uniquely Aussie viewpoint.

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50 Responses

  1. Don’t know much about racism but why does the black guy who speaks English have subtitles, meanwhile the Aussie doesn’t. Honestly the black guy is more intelligible lol

  2. Tourist treat every native that way. They don‘t want to see the Texan Industrie they want to see the cattle farmers. They don‘t want to see the Chinese accomplishments they want to see the rice farmer and the water buffelo. Fill in your own nation an look what tourists want to see there. It‘s always a Safari created for them. They come for the old buildings and stereotypes. That‘s why we in the tourist business call them cows. Move in heards, no brain and ready to be milked.

  3. All the outrage should be directed at those offering the tours, but that’s not politically correct. Must blame whitey. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  4. Wow Jim Jeffries is hilarious to me but fuck me he deserves so much respect for bringing this to such a mass audience. I didn’t know this travesty is a real thing. Gross. I bet all those tourists are 100% white people. Smh

  5. How are we in America different with the black population? Its way better (less noticeable) but black people are still separate in some areas in the USA.

  6. Wow!! They have to be some miserable mother fuckers to think up some bullshit like that. In the words of Oprah, "truly doing well is giving others permission to do the same". But misery loves company.

  7. Pathetic, rather then just donating the 100 to them as they were obviously aware of the bad prior, but they’ll still not donate, as assuming they’re doing alot, by leaving thoughts and prayers.

  8. Oh boy did I cringe when he said germans were their biggest clientele.
    God what a pathetic hobby to pick up when there’s football :/
    Sincerely, a non- participating german

  9. “…there’s beauty in everything.”
    Yeah, says the guy who can pay $100 to visit a slum so that he can soothe his conscience.
    Would he like to live there so that he can see that “beauty” every day?

  10. What people here don’t realize is that a lot of these people are contend with what they have, and it’s their way of life. I’m not saying that poverty is good, but let’s respect other’s way of life. They may be poorer than you, but they live happily while in the west, especially the germans, work their ass off grumpily their whole life so they can go vacation when they get old

  11. This is definitely a white person’s idea to do this poverty tour. They used to do it in the 1800s and 1900s here in the USA where white people would go on tours of minority neighborhoods (I think specifically Chinese areas too) for tours. I guess they’ll forever be mesmerized at how people are not white and that some don’t have the money they do because of centuries of colonialism, genocide, racism, and being fucking awful

    What the fuck is wrong with people

  12. "they were created during apartheid to keep the black population separate"…. horribly factually inaccurate but whatever…. nvm that the black population was already separate before apartheid and only then started to develop the cultural advancement of permanent individual housing…. Also I see he was too scared to tour the colourd poor area’s (which would have made sense since blacks are not indiginous to the southern or western parts of the country), smart move though cause it’s currently under "military supervision" and the gangs are robbing the soldiers blind….

  13. So if these tourists ( assuming some are from the U.S.) treat these communities like a people zoo; I have to wonder how they look at people who live in poverty in thier own country.

  14. How do people not feel like complete assholes while taking such a tour? It blows my mind in what kind of twisted realities some people live. Disgraceful cunts!

  15. I was worried for a moment, because I went to Ecuador many years ago. A very poor area. However, according to that man I went on a visit, not a tour, so I’m good. I mean, I sure as Hell didn’t think “I cant wait to see some poors, today!”

  16. Like right wingalings, demonizing and oppressing those below them so they cant catch up as equal and pass up our blissful anchors on progress.

  17. Jim Jefferies , blasphemy of Muhammad, rape jokes, and edited interviews!!! Look up "Hidden Camera: Jim Jefferies EXPOSED" "The Truth About Jim Jefferies

  18. The western world is like this, forget about people, dont care about them, find a way to make a profit… This is crazy af, and humans should be treated as humans… With that said, if you are in a bad/poor situation like they are, you have to seize every opportunity, so again, money is coming from the outside, obviously from rich stupid people, find a way to profit from it, and then spend the money wisely, like for example investing in the community.. This is actually the basics of improving your countrys situation, take for example Singapore…

  19. Jim is liar…I dont trust anything he’s in. After Avi showed how he and his crew choose to edit videos I can’t stand watching him

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