State Of Education In Ghana – News Desk on JoyNews (12-4-19)

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  1. Why you did not ask your father when he told you go to northern for free SHS you did not say daddy you have money to pay my school fee

  2. Das dis man still hv moral right to even assess de state of education in Ghana. Shame on you. Wats changes did u n ur government bring to education in ur regime?? Greedy for power bt notin to show for. Fire burn u💥💥💥💥💥

  3. What is he trying to do now ? Where was your government when you are on power.? You guys are playing with Ghanaian? Thinking they are not human?
    Where is your kids schooling? Have you heard some some other government send they children in some Countries for school? You don’t trust your own system and now playing with our minds

  4. Please if you don’t have anything to say keep quiet you were there for long time what do you do when northern had it for more 50 years it was Okay

  5. You people should tell John mahama that he correct money that you will build 200 schools aske mahama that how much did he build wthen he was in Powe shame on you

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