Sudan’s convicted Omar al-Bashir faces charges beyond corruption

Sudan's convicted Omar al-Bashir faces charges beyond corruption

Sudan's convicted Omar al-Bashir faces charges beyond corruption

While Saturday’s trial was about corruption and illegal possession of foreign funds, the former president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, also faces additional charges.
In 2009, the International Criminal Court charged him with two counts of war crimes and five counts of crimes against humanity. That was for his role in the war in Darfur, which started in 2003. At least 300,000 people were killed and another 3 million displaced.
A year later, the same court in The Hague brought three counts of genocide – also relating to Darfur.
In May this year, after al-Bashir was deposed, Sudan’s public prosecutor charged him with “inciting and participating in the killing of protesters”. Activists say at least 100 people were killed.
And in November, al-Bashir and many of his aids were charged with planning and carrying out the 1989 coup that brought him to power.
Abdelmonim Abutiffa, a lawyer and activist, talks to Al Jazeera.

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11 Responses

  1. ن رجري يبشير wo zidao baxier I will punis basir je me panlzie basir я наказаню баши yo me penalizado basir

  2. Hanging him would be much better. They found 15 millions hard currency in his home which he claimed to distribute to poor people.

  3. its common in geopolitics generally… capitalists in rich country wants to accumulate wealth as much as they can…so they corrupt their own country’s constitution and drag them into war… the common practice to exploit other nation’s resources is to buy opponent leaders and supplying weapon to create chaos it would force the leaders to step down.. and replace it with capitalist’s men… Saudi royal family has been funding Sudan

  4. If this man was released and reinstated as a president he would be happy to kill the whole population for his own good. Just prior to his last day he was planning to kill half of the protesters in front of the military headquarter. He also murdered some 250 peaceful demostrators during the uprising against his regime. Did he ask himself at that time as to why he ordered to shoot these innocents? Was he not an elder at that time? Justice hasn’t been delivered though. He should be sent to the criminal court of juice to face a real trial for his heinous crimes against humanity.

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