The women on the frontline of the protests in Sudan

The women on the frontline of the protests in Sudan

The women on the frontline of the protests in Sudan

Yousra Elbagir reports on the women on the frontline of the protests in Sudan, who describe their experience at the hands of government forces. You may find some of the images in her report distressing.



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40 Responses

  1. To wrap up the comments section ,
    Humanity no longer exists ,
    If you are not white , you are not human …
    But we don’t give a damn ,
    This regime will fall, and we will build our country …

    #تسقط بس

  2. This comment section disgusts me…people are losing their lives and all u lot care about is the increase of immigrants in wherever you’re from,just disgusting

  3. What’s Channel 4’s obsession with Sudan all of a sudden? Methinks there’s an upcoming agenda of sorts at play here.

  4. الفديو لازم يصل السودانيين برضو في حاجات الناس ماعارفاها
    القصد للترجمة للعربي

  5. I wish we could trade some of the commenters below for these women. Human rights matter everywhere, period. People who care about freedom need to stand together everywhere. I feel much more in the same nation with these women than I do with these uncaring jerks below.

  6. I applaud Channel 4 for seemingly being the only western news media that is covering the situation in Sudan. I pity the racists in the comments section of these videos. They are ignorant to the fact that their fear and hatred comes from their own limited intellect. It is a sad and pitiful existence to be a slave to your own hateful beliefs. I hope that someday we will evolve enough so that everyone will be able to feel compassion for others regardless of race.

  7. All Africans should return and help build Wakanda instead of enriching Europe with their vibrant culture , its almost too much , we do not deserve it , please go and make Africa great for once

  8. Why would a muslim women live her protected environment which is her house and go outside the streets screaming like a mad dog at the same time get surprised of the abuse she faces by man?!
    Lion affairs pussycats can’t get. involved.

  9. It breaks my heart.All the men from this country migrated to Israel,and are being deported to another country.So it looks like they left these women to fight this battle themselves.

  10. May god be with them and protect them and support them…I am really sorry for all my Sudanese brothers and sisters, I am sorry for how u are being treated and I am sorry that no one is doing anything about it… I am truly sorry… no human being could possibly bring themselves to do what these people are doing to innocent human beings…
    where are u countries who claim to stand for human rights…? Because now that it’s not for your own benefits you don’t react to it ??

  11. الكيزان .يحاولون كسر عزيمة الناس ..لكن الثورة لا تقاس بعدد المتظاهرين تقاس بالفكر والاستمرار طبيعي أن تخف الجموع حين وترجع حين اخر بقوة لا تخف ياكوز علي الثورة هل انت مهتم بالثورة ام تخاف الخازوق في السوق تخف في الخرطوم تقوم في نيالا إلي أن ندخل عليكم من كل باب والشنق بالعمى في كل باب والخازوق في يد الارباب. انتظر لا تهرب من الباب

  12. Africa must wake up. The revolution has begun against all African dictators. Paul, from ‘Switzerland’ is next.

  13. Don’t these people learn from what happend in Syria,Yemen…! Peace and stability under a dictator is much better than chaos and killing without a ruler.

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