'UN, France global control goals behind Ivory Coast bombing'

UN and French troops bombarded targets around the residence of Laurent Gbagbo in the city of Abidjan. The UN says its raids were carried out to protect civilians. Forces loyal to the internationally recognised winner of the presidential poll Alassane Ouattara have since claimed to have captured the palace. He’d been refusing to cede power ever since losing last November’s election. Hundreds have been killed during a week of fighting in the country. Moe Seager from the Americans Against the War group says by intervening in Ivory Coast, the UN and France were actually pursuing a double goal.

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  1. @ibislee so your saying you want to murder banksters, to show them that their criminal actions are wrong? Well that’s just irony isnt it?

    its like killing people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong. I think its the wrong way to go about it.

  2. @Guildou well they have oil fields and diamonds as well… do your research and also learn how to spell: cocoa and coffee.

  3. @Axine4


    France is in Côte d’Ivoire since 2002 under a UN mandate for PEACE KEEPING because of Rebels of the northern part of the country who wanted to take power.
    Rebels joined Ouattara after the elections when Gbagbo didn’t respect the result of the vote.

    Gbagbo encouraged his troops to steal, rape and kill the whites, there’s 15.000 French resident in Côte d’Ivoire, + all the other Euro people. The French troops protect them since 2004 when the exactions began.

  4. I’m Puerto Rican, plus it’s funny that a Egyptian. is talking to me about world events.. go put a dictator into power and kneel before you’re fairy god.

  5. Whoever thinks that this has anything to do with religion is out of their tree. This is about control and clearly France wants a piece of that. This is clearly the foundations of the New World Order or One World Government. First Egypt then Libya and now Ivory Coast. this is just the beginning.

  6. dude… Africa ruins iit self… anyone can tell you that, the world gives Africa tons of money and aid and wtf happens? NOTHING….

  7. @ChineseAtheist your mother is retarded. gbagbo won the elections by 52 percent, and was declared winner by the rule of the land. the imperialist controlled so-called electoral commission said because they never liked gbagbo because he refused to be their puppet, hence teh numerous attempts to overthrow him since he took power a decade ago. ouatarra is an IMF/ globalist insider / puppet whose role is to hand over the sovereignty of the country to the French, UN, et al.

  8. @MsCloclo22 it was lol. lets not Forget the French Excepted black people well before many other counties did. etc etc etc

  9. May God bless our country Cote d’Ivoire. The truth is going to get out about what is really happening in Cote D’IVoire.

  10. @bezzly u got right with india,but things have change!i dont say being nonviolent isnt the solution.what would you do,if they were coming for put u in jail,or kill u & your family?we cant be nonviolent against a violent system,if we have to defend our future from them.and back in the days,when they were snatching Africans from their soil and put them in the slaveship:it was way more than bloody..so if we have to break our chains, hard to tell, but it can only be bloody..

  11. stfu im form ivory coast i fukcing hate french .. they killed us and steal our resources i hate france they can go to hell! France GET the fuck out of COte divoire my country u stupid fucks

  12. IDOnt give a fuck you ruin my ivory coast and i chose to put that i live in the U.S.A and im an ivorian citizen so are you stupid i choose…. where i live.. fuck france get the fuck out of african you ruin rwanda.. congo .. ivory coast i hate you

  13. This video is emitting a infrasonic sound. I hear it when I start the video and it’s annoying. Btw, why the hell do you have a beeping sound like that in the background?!?

  14. @CODHVideos Not a prob, this stuff is complicated and the victors write history. I’d like very much for the USA to give back what it grabbed from Mexico. One of the reasons I left the USA (there were many, impossible to rank them) was that I really felt I should give the land back to the First People in my own small way. My roots are here in Europe, all the way over to Russia via my vizier ancesters (and Pennsy Dutch on one side) and I can do better work here. xo

  15. @adjien soviets imperialists? wtf? are you sane? soviets never attacked a sovreign state in the lifetime of the USSR
    check your facts

  16. @gallantventurer Mr. Al-Adly could not have been responsible for all the other acts. Islamists wanted and still desire a purely Islamic Egypt. They will expel you as well, just watch and see.


  18. @watertonrivers
    Actually I have found that history through the perspective of the Jew/Khazar converts makes perfect crystal clear continuous sense. There are some gaps that have been censored but you can find the truth if you dig hard enough. Makes a lot more sense than empires or monarchies going to all out war for relatively minor quarrels. Seriously, going to all out world war just for the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. There’s obviously more to the story.

  19. We dont need your stupid money Cote divoire was beautiful… every1 knows that we have number 1 cocoa .. so tell ur french people to leave us the fuck alone..and stop sending troops to kill us cause of our cocoa.. u dont give us anymoney we dont need your money we just want you to leave us… to fight for our selves thank you

  20. @Axine4

    The French don’t like rape and they don’t like it as a weapon of war. Africans are doing it in several countries.

    If the French kill civilians, why UN asked France to go in Africa ? And why everybody in Africa dislike it’s leaders ? Libya, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria… almost every African country is led by tyrants and corrupt shits.

    You say there’s videos of dead people, but you don’t say they’ve been killed by AK-47 and machettes ? lol

  21. @CODHVideos What’s left of the indigenous people who have not been tainted could heal the land . . . it will take a long, long time. So much suffering, scarring, unjustice . . .

  22. @ibislee Yes I agree with you. Thanks for your reply. By the way, in case you may be interested, I give you a site that provides information concerning cover ups etc. It’s a site created by an American who acted as interpreter for President Bush, Clinton and other official dignitaries. The site is: WantToKnow.info.

  23. When analyzing such a crisis, I hope one keeps an open mind and wonders what natural resources does the Ivory Coast possess that is worth the senseless murder of innocent people caused by France, the UN, and America. Seriously, do you really think that world powers truly care about the democracy of the Ivory Coast? Of course not; however, they do care about Africa’s resources as these resources keep the rest of the world alive.

  24. The news clip tells the truth about the war happening in Ivory Coast. Headlines in CNN has been consistently deceiving the American public. I am glad the truth is coming out. The bottom line is that Christians are being killed by Muslims in the country of Ivory Coast right now. US as a Christian country should not have supported the UN and the French.

  25. @stluke324

    Sorry, I’m not very good in English, but I know there isn’t many ressources in Côte d’Ivoire, Wood is the main ressource, Cocoa and Coffee are coming next, then Banana, Petrol and Agriculture…

    No Diamond, very few petrol off the coast.

    As for Libya, petrol they make is for Italy (Libya was Italia colony).

    So stop saying France only go somewhere when there’s something to exploit, the French are in Afghanistan and Darfur, there isn’t anything but misery and terrorists ther !

  26. @Guildou

    And yet there are more rapes from death from the french and the rebels in the samùe if no more proportions than Gabobos people ! So please keep your lies to yoursellf ! Neither Gagbo or Ouattara have cleaned hands. They both have bloods in their hands.. They all have their people doing bad things. The thing is, the french went there chosing one over the other while dropping their bombs under the population. there are plenty of videos with dismambered bodies by those bombs.

  27. @CODHVideos Well, my Pennsylvania Dutch family in Ohio was part of the Underground Railroad. They did not like "negroes," as they called them, but they were very opposed to slavery. The First People there were passive and left, sadly, when my relatives settled there in the 17th and early 18th c. It is perhaps fitting that the US govt condemned and seized my family’s land in the early 20th c. and Wright-Patterson AFB is there now, plus a huge "flood plain." But ouch.

  28. Are you retarded??? I just live there…… IM Born In Ivory COAST YOU FRENCH WITH SARKOZY ASSASSIN … We fucking hate you Im Pro Gbagbo How dare you ruin MY country Every african country with french is fucked up so dont start this shit by saying that France is good.. I IVORIAN BLACK IVORIAN I DONT WANNA C AANY FUCKING FRENCH IN IVORYCOAST WE FUCKING HATE U SON OF A BITCH!! JE vous detest la france eh modit!!!!!1

  29. @EdmanBaby

    AMEN !

    The thing is more vthan 50% of ivorian exports go to France and many frenchmen had a direct or indirect hold on many of its resources. Gbabo said stop to the undercovered expoitation and was about to nationalize the respource so that it get back to Ivorian hands solely. That’s the only reason Sarkozy and its gullible followers at the UN followed him in killing innocent poeple in a foreign country that never declare war to France !

    Now he has placed his buddy !

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