West African States Adopt New Single Currency Called the ECO

ECOWAS, the Economic Community for West African States have adopted a single currency named Eco, which it plans to launch next year.

As part of its plans to make Africa a more integrated continent, leaders of ECOWAS adopted the name ‘ECO’ for a planned single currency to be used in the region.

The Eco was adopted on Saturday in Abuja in a meeting of the 15 member-country regional bloc.

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50 Responses

  1. That is a good news for west Africans countries for create a single currency for for a better integration of ours countries. I am cameroonian . we hope that central african ‘s countries will do the same for take away that bad currency called CFA . we must leave that CFA who kills our economy.
    Sorry for my poor inglish
    Iam native French speaking

  2. Finally thank you creator we putting whites out of our business i also pray for the unity of all african nations which is the United states of Africa this will grow Africa but cause of some sell outs in our race we till have issues

  3. Brothers this money will disvolu best ten years it will be like naira stupid leaders economis poor masters degree is all zero fuck !!!!!

  4. Kudos, all our African leaders! Please would you stop looting our taxpayers money to Europe, use it to build our lovely continent Africa .

  5. Upon all these currency ,these thieves African leaders will become loot and share ,as citizens don’t be too much happy because they have their motive for this currency we wise we are not children.

  6. Unfortunately the president of France is the who announced the kick of in Ivory Coast.
    This makes me think that this will worst than cfa.

  7. Bad idea why cant we elevate the NAIRA or RAND into a single continental currency only renaming it the AFRO….regional currencies will only make it difficult to integrate.

  8. Damn, I love it.
    It’s great to live in a time where we can watch the evaluation of Africa.

    As an African American the news or lack there of about Africa is almost always negative. So most of us in America have no clue to what’s going on in the continent.

    But for me personally I definitely dig for info like this.
    It makes me confident in our ppl to know our future is much brighter than the past 500 yrs and I live to see it.

    I look forward to the day my family and I will make that trip across the pond ……..and I’m not talking about no corny ass Europe.


  9. We have to start using the money now.
    Don’t let this Europian put their nose on it because they are Always jeulous of Africa.

  10. France is theft and gone from Africa forever. We don’t need this people lieying
    And stilling our weatlh. Europ.

  11. The dream Africa is coming true!!
    Oh Fuck Cameroonian Rascal Biya who took us remote from West to Central Africa where Democracy is crazy!!!

  12. All this is child play .1 money with how many president .all this African African ruler are very stubborn.they Don t wanna leave power . instability of govt can not make the money work properly .how about regulating of price commodity .. Americans are different cos 1 govt control the 53 state . Each state is a size of country in African .

  13. Hummm,this is amazing! It’s alarming to see Bible prophecies that would usher in the return of Jesus Christ, taking place.The world would seem to unite.Anyone reading this who has not yet received Jesus Christ into his/her should do so, it’s very crucial and ultimately important.There is no other name given to the world for salvation except the name of Jesus Christ.He is the way to God-the Father,John 14:6.God bless the readers.

  14. Eco is not an antidote to our hardship but we need mental libration to curb greediness, selfishness and others or else changing currency will be like changing political parties with similar traits. And also adopt our various local dialects to make laws and also speak in parliament that will ignite development than to worship someone n his language and also borrowing from them in the name of country yet used by a group of people all in the name of politics. Let’s put our nations first in that we can achieve and restore the good image of Africa.Thank you.

  15. Bravo Ecowas….. Africans are moving forward except my country Cameroon which vehemently refused to move forward. its a shame to Cameroon.

  16. My people please stop all these small boy nonsense and unite already under the United States of Africa! This way Africa and Africans will be more secure and powerful economically, militarily, and as a global force in global affairs; instead of individual states with puppet leadership control and exploited by western imperialist.

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