Why Sudanese Doctors Are Being Targeted With Violence | NowThis

Why Sudanese Doctors Are Being Targeted With Violence | NowThis

Why Sudanese Doctors Are Being Targeted With Violence | NowThis

‘They are cutting people off from their right, their fundamental right, to seek treatment’ — This is how military forces in Sudan are targeting the country’s medical community and putting civilians at risk.
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In Sudan news, military forces in south Sudan are targeting the medical community with violence against doctors. Human rights watch groups have an eye on Sudan as the North Africa country saw an outbreak of violence recently between those participating in Sudan protests and the Supdan paramilitary Rapid Support Forces. All of this is after the ouster of former Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir. The world recently heard news of a Sudan massacre in which more than 100 protesters were killed. Now as doctors strike in the protests and treat people injured by the Rapid Support Forces, Sudan is seeing an increase in violence against doctors.

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17 Responses

  1. What a primitive and vile world we live in! If there’s other beings out there somewhere, they’re probably laughing at us… I wonder if humanity is doomed to fail?

  2. Continuously I m in touch with my Sudanese friends still situations is nt normal, my few of Indian friend they left bcoz of situation.

  3. It is my guess that the Hospitals and Aid Stations are caught in the middle. I can’t but believe that when injured and wounded Rebels are taken to the Hospitals, that the Rebels aren’t themselves militarizing these Hospitals and turning them into Rebel Camps. In such cases I can understand how the Government Forces might be concerned with whether the Doctors and Medical Workers were actively taking sides, or were being held as hostages. So, yes, there would be arrests. Why not question everybody involved. Also, well, this Video seems to be taking sides. So WERE the Medical Workers actively militating against the Government? Was the Medical Establishment refusing treatment to the Military Personnel? You know, Medical Workers need to maintain their Neutrality. For instance, during the Big Wars there had been Red Cross Medical Camps that did not move with the Battle Lines, and they were there for whichever side was bringing in the injured and wounded. That seems to be the Ethical Ideal for Medical Workers. But if they want to be Rebels, then what choice does the Government have but to line them up and shoot them, right? Remember, in these kinds of Civil Conflicts, which ever side that loses will be Massacred. Yes, the Rebels might be fighting for their lives, but so are the Uniformed Government Soldiers who will be tortured to death and dragged through the streets if they should be overthrown. We can see just from this Video how high the feelings go. The Producer of this Video would be one of the first to start skinning the soldiers alive, right?

  4. Can anyone guess which Western nations has been selling weapons to this inhumane Sudan government by using Uganda as a transit point?

  5. Something very wrong with people who will do this. Then they will expect the rest of the world to treat them with ‘respect’. Autocrats never get it that obedience driven by fear is NOT respect.

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