Zimbabwe security forces attack opposition supporters

Riot police in Zimbabwe have attacked the main opposition party’s supporters with batons, tear gas and water cannon.
They had gathered to hear the Movement for Democratic Change’s leader Nelson Chamisa’s speech on the country’s struggling economy, which is undergoing the worst recession in 10 years.
Chamisa’s supporters say the government has been heavy-handed in dealing with opposition demonstrators and needs to do more about the lack of fuel and medicine.

Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa reports from Harare.

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37 Responses

  1. & the African Union will do nothing. South Africa will once again keep quiet. Now people will flock to SA & Will be labeled xenophobic when the law is not applied.
    Botswana great President Ian Khama was the only true leaders to speak up. Eish now he is gone…

  2. Why are Zimbabweans being tortured by these cruel dictators All they want is a decent LIFE and when they flee to South Africa they face the same horrors

  3. history of oppression tell me a single place on earth that didn’t hat in some ways a history of oppression, except of course always uninhabited antarctica and arctica, but even there the icebears kill seals and oppress them and there also the leopard seals oppress the pinguins

  4. Africa leaders are the biggest fools on this planet imagined how they always want to rule their citizens by force. that’s the sign of shameless criminals. same here in Nigeria.

  5. Where isn’t there riots??? All Latin America.. all Africa.. all Middle East all Eastern Europe, France, Hong Kong.. we’re running out of safe countries

  6. Call for early Re-Elections. Null & Void all sanctions – Why must the innocent citizens of Zimbabwe suffer the aftermath of a brutal dictator..! That just doesn’t make sense. Uni-|-e under the authority of *I AM* brothers & sisters. And vote for change in *SPIRIT* & Truth. Hallelu-*YAH* !!! Selah… xxx

  7. Where is the United Nations ?? Sitting in their posh offices "talking" about change, but doing nothing. This is a disgrace.

  8. It is the same thing happening in Uganda. It is very sad from what l am watching, That’s what Dictator do send Military to brutalise people..

  9. Dictatorship still reigns the same African way as history shows. Like Sout Africa a communist party in charge of democracy is a joke.

  10. Let sanction continue against Zimbabwe and African countries that do not respecting human Rights.Whats wrong with African leaders?They are so stupid even Trump didn’t respecting them because of their stupid behavior,they behave like immature leaders .

  11. Are these police officers in there right senses. Why beating your brothers? It’s really baberic to rise against unarmed civilians. Police officers evaluate yourselves.

  12. Mugabe is dead and yet his methodology lives on with his replacement…. Zimbabwean Police are the only law enforcement agency that beats it’s own citizens for wanting a better life, instead of arresting corrupt government officials. ZRP do better. Government your time will come.

  13. The people who support these guys must be clever also when police started to beat them they close the gates so if you are not a top member they will beat you and Chamisa and the group they are eating the money

  14. 54 African nations are responsible to the whole of the continent. Where are the 53 heads of state? Is the Berlin’s curse of 1884-1885 of dividing the continent still operative? When one country of Africa suffers, it affects all of Africa. South Africa, where are you and the other African nations? When will you learn to work as one? Stop allowing the western media to portray you in a negative way to the global community. USA African American

  15. Zimbabwe opposition should learn from Kenya, the opposition in Kenya is much better off than government supporters. So protest always pays off.

  16. Someone tell van Ansley to shut up because there is no one in Sauth Africa who torturing Zimbabwean,we live with in peace with Zimbabwean in Sauth Africa please let stop this perception of Sauth African hate African brothers and sisters.Its painful to accuse for the thing that you don’t do.Lets African come together and fighting this dictatorships that takes place in Africa,Uganda, Zimbabwe and other African countries let’s stop pointing fingers each other,let’s unite for the sake of unity and peace.

  17. If AU and UN want a peaceful, prosperous Africa they should not be watching and doing nothing. They must act or they will face anarchy in Africa.

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