African Union Tenth ExtraOrdinary Session – Opening Ceremony and Signing | Kigali, 21 March 2018

African Union Tenth ExtraOrdinary Session – Opening Ceremony and signing | Kigali, 21 March 2018

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  1. What was said about Nigeria’s President before that song by the choristers. Please can someone translate what the moderator said in French.


    the so called global fight against terrorism is not what it seems, it’s yet another disguised motive to partition Africa amongst the superpowers for exploitation of essential minerals. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi understood this agenda and sought to terminate it. He intended to make Africa develop without depending on the west (,IMF) , he wanted a vibrant united states of Africa, wherein we can use a common currency. And for Africa to own a satellite. He wanted to give Africa INDEPENDENCE. It was met with stiff oppression from the west. Obama and sakozy with the help of NATO, bombed lybia until they killed the great man. Now the only obstacle into Africa’s bounty has been removed. Today we have thousands of USA, French and Russia troops in Africa especially in the Sahara. What are they doing there?? Creating conflicts amongst the people inorder for them to sell their arms and in return pretentiously come in to help while their engineers loot the resources away.
    Algeria fought the French for eight years before obtaining their independence because of the enormous mineral deposits of the country.
    What can be done to save Africa???
    If all the leaders of Africa could get up as one man to pursue Gaddafi’s dreams for Africa, chase away foreign powers from Africa, build a reliable and credible AU that can address our problems.
    The so called united nations is NOT For Africans. Almost every African country has a conflict where souls are perishing on daily basis yet the UN stays mute and end at lip service. Why?? Because the more we die, the weaker the population and the easier they can get the resources with little or no resistance. Why are all the illnesses always in Africa??? To accomplish this mission. The Tuareg rebels and boko haram have the unofficial support of France and others. Because they help destabilise Mali, Niger and Nigeria.
    Ambazonians are dying in numbers today due to a trap that was set some 57 years ago by these same super powers with the complicity of the UN. Why didn’t they follow Ambazonia’s independence to the end. Because they knew we shall rise for it. However Ambazonians are very much right to demand the restoration of their independence,, the stupid thing here is that biya Paul has chosen to kill us all rather than engaged in negotiations thereby fulfilling the wishes of the superpowers.reason why biya has always gotten away with the crimes he is committing because he has given them a free passage to the bounty of Ambazonia. How foolish biya is. Ambazonia is an African state and biya is an African. So biya prefers to annihilate his own African brothers because of France??? Indeed that what it is.
    Today China floods into Africa under the pretence of economic relations, giving loans to Africa at exorbitant interest rates, thereby making the people dependent on them. This is unacceptable.

    Africa should rise and say no this madness. This will start by the rejection of the colonial CFA Franc, and dethronement of all dictators like biya who have sold the continent for positions.
    The war Ambazonia is currently engaged in is greater than it seems. It’s a war against colonisation by French republic of Cameroon, CFA Franc, against cemac entrapment, and western imperialism. It’s going to be a tough one my people. Keep on to the faith , fight till the very end. The emergence of Ambazonia will be the begining of Africa’s independence.


    the fearless proudly Ambazonian

  3. And I read all these good comment about these useless leaders, please stop or hold your stupid comment, y’all should go back to watch these useless and all the promises after promises that never happened , here they are again 2018 still talking the talk of promises again !!!!, I wish I could have Some power and just go there and blow some air swap them away that they’ll never live another day to see their nation again, these people are so so wicked ,greedy.

  4. As long as I’m concerned this meeting is useless to the core, every year these useless and wicked greedy gathered here for their rituals claiming to host meeting to find a solution to solve African problem but at the end all the bring to their nation is more hardships, corruption and more ways to oppressed their own citizens continually keeping Africans in bounded and economic limitations, each and every time they meet and discuss about how to put things in prospective but always comes back with empty handed, they talk the talk and do nothing, open bothers to allow the free trade "No" made tons of promises to have one currency for one Africa "No" oh less I forgot, didn’t they said that they want to come with intercontinental express railways that can travel from one country of Africa to another, I don’t even hear about that anymore Bunch of Useless leaders, but don’t worry, every thing that has a beginning must also has an end, if you has these power to make the world a better place but instead you bring sorrows and misery to our people, we cry to God almighty to whom all power belong to, Someday he is going to end your reign, he Will allow the devil to carry out his attack on you people, another heartless evil person like you guys will carry bombs and come there and wipe out each and every one of you so that the New generation of African leaders will emerge to bring Africa to light from the shackle of your bounded, God will destroy all of you in this building or gathering and if there’s anyone among you that even has a mind and has made any attempt to do something for the betterment of the the African continent will be safe by his Grace other than that , my prayer is may all of you perish on that day of condemnation as you have condemned your own people’s for long time.

  5. These leaders look so weak and dead. This whole union look trash. No flavor whatsoever. This type of energy for an African Union look like it belongs elsewhere. Do these people have any creativity or imagination to actually look like a union. There needs to be statues and paintings of great Afrakan queens and kings that represent each nation. I can’t sit here and watch this. Looks so boring and when you have a union you keep outsiders meaning all NON AFRICANS out of your business.

  6. I am so glad to Africa leaders to meet and to fine a solution to Africa problem first we need to band Aid come to Africa, second we one currency in Africa last we need to bring back all the money in overseas the money been in western countries.

  7. A Swiss style of government will be best for such a vast area and its myriad ethnicities. Otherwise, a Confederate States of West African, Confederate States of East Africa, and Confederate States of South Africa may work out.

  8. The ISS is an African organisation which aims to enhance human security by providing independent and authoritative research, expert policy analysis and advice, and training and technical assistance.

    If this mission statement is in fact true, then I have a totally inconceivably tremendous amount of information that both your ISS Organization and the African Union should be interested in from an exceedingly ancient, resilient, highly flexible, relentlessly observant, grossly misunderstood and highly shunned traditionally African source of totally inconceivable insight into both human behavioral and historical patterns.

    My name is Eric Culpepper, I am by lineage A Grand Inquisitor Level Pimpnological Decryptlogist (which is A Grand Inquisitor Level Pimp, in what might be called Layman’s Terms) and I am subsequently A Grand Inquisitor Level Master Predator and Indigenous Criminal and Behavioral Profiler and specifically a highly trained and experienced prostitute hunter and profiler who has long been trained and has relentlessly meditated in the exceedingly ancient laws and ideologies of The North American African Descent True Master PImp…

    As is the global human behavioral norm, people only turn to masters like myself when there are extreme emergencies that common folks cannot solve by themselves with the relentless use of all o their resources..

    I have published several books (Pimps: The Raw Truth Grand Inquisitor Level Pimpnological Conclusions & The Black Girl Curse: How Black Women Evolved Into Throwaway Women) on your criminal and behavioral profiling problem, including books that comment on the logical true source of, not only your regional, but, the true source of the global terrorist problem and once I directly commented on the true source of global terrorism to its nucleus, though its nucleus generally remains silent, I was immediately very uncharacteristically brutally verbally attacked by it.

    In this video, you pose the question of Why Nigeria, when Grand Inquisitor Level Master Predators like myself could already recognize the very common, finger print type specific, global pattern of the sole culprit, who alone and historically no one else, Synchronistically behaves in this very specific manner of preceding specifically Opium and Heroin as softeners and economic supporters that are inevitably a precursor to regional or hemispheric terror..

    The one and only true source of your Nigerian Boko Haram and Somalian Al- Shabaab terrorist groups is your very common but globally never ever recognized "Huge Influxes of Indians and Pakistanis" into your African Continental Hemisphere and your Nigerian and Somalian Regions.

    In our planetary history, what we have both commonly and highly uncommonly come to recognize as all levels of terrorism is in fact coming from one single ancient and highly unfortunately extremely ancient, highly militant, highly fluid and totally inconceivably resilient culture that has both ruthlessly and relentlessly struggled for global conquest for longer than there is recorded human history.

    For example, in hemispheres like North America, that basically have no recorded history beyond American Indian hieroglyphs, we, like much of the rest of the world, had never known, heard of, or even remotely conceived of terrorism until we experienced "Huge Influxes of Indians and Pakistanis." And exactly the same is true of the rest of the global populace, with the exception of India, which was divided into India and Pakistan by British Colonists and is in act the true source of totally relentless global terrorism.

    In direct parallel with all of human history, Indians and Pakistanis are behaving this way because in previous human civilizations, that few of us presently remember, places like Africa, specifically, East Africa, and The Entirety of The Middle East were once Indian Colonies and the Indians and Pakistanis, who are in fact one highly sneaky entity, are covertly warring and using white people (who become highly vicious when they are combined with and inevitably totally controlled and use by Indians and Pakistanis whom they in fact totally unknowingly worship in every way) relentlessly to regain possession of those former colonies in their relentless quest for any form of global conquest.

    It is extremely important to understand that, the core primary reason that people of African Descent have had totally relentless problems with poverty, prejudice and bad press world wide is because other people of African Descent, whom we black people no longer recognize as people of African Descent (i.e. Indians and Pakistanis who now call themselves Brown People) totally hate us for evicting them from The African Continent numerous times over again; Idi Amin’s Uganda being the most recent.

    One thing in the global history of people of African Descent that is an extremely telling and totally unmistakably ominous pattern is the longevity and precision of the problems of people of African Descent… Black people invariably have problems all over the world with prejudice and poverty, no matter where we go, however, extremely ancient cultures of totally relentless predators know that, people only have problems from themselves and can only be highly precisely tracked and targeted by people who are exactly like themselves… In this case, by Brown People, whom we no longer recognize as Black People.

    In my research of human geographical history, it has become crystal clear to me that, at some point in human history there was a great ideological divide that occurred among Africans Over Tyrannical, Iron Fisted Control Over Humanity or Total Human Freedom that occurred in The Horn of Africa Region of The African Continent at some point in human history, that still rages on today.

    Indians and Pakistanis have been expelled from The African Continent many times over again throughout both known and unknown human history and not only do these former Africans want access to The African Continent, they want total control of it, even if it takes Religious Indoctrination, Hyper-industrialization, Media Bashing, Military Invasion (including highly covert terrorist infiltration) or Economic and Technological Hypnotism.

    In my long ago concluded analysis, Nigeria was chosen because it it is a direct competitor to Kenya, which very conveniently has a Huge Influx of Indians and Pakistanis, just like Nazi Germany and its Ancient Indian Caste System based Class System, Swastika and Aryan Ideology, Middle Eastern Terrorism, North American Terrorism, Chechnya in Eastern European Terrorism or anywhere else that has experienced historically uncharacteristic flareups of Terrorism.

    Indians have been able to accomplish this by surviving for multiple human civilizations and creating complete global resets by wiping out the vast majority of humanity in repetitively staged and executed global human Armageddonous resets of human civilizations during which Indians and Pakistanis relentlessly collect as much global human technology, store it in Indian Libraries and re-release it during multiple human civilizations and thereby very successfully making themselves look like a global super race, when in fact they are just thieves.

  9. Much respect to President Kagame. he is the example of hard work and change in the continent. his presence will make a lot of changes into this august organization.

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