Analysis: Zimbabwe police violently break up protests after court ban

Riot police in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, have fired tear gas and beaten demonstrators during a crackdown on opposition supporters who have taken to the streets despite a ban on protests.
Scores of people gathered in Africa Unity Square to demonstrate against a worsening economic situation in defiance of the ban, which was upheld by a court on Friday.

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50 Responses

  1. Mnangagwa people forget who they are dealing with. These protesters are very brave. He can’t rectify the problem he is the problem.

  2. Zimbabwean police shame on you. Mukutambira nzungu aka mukushandiswa nekukubva nzungu. Level yekudofo yepamusoro soro. Shame

  3. Govt has enough resources but they don’t prioritise. Same with the police. They don’t have resources to fight crime or monitor protests but can prioritise stopping protests. Just misplaced priorities.

  4. We have already lost a number of people in the previous protest and nothing has changed.. Why my fellow Zimbabwean brothers keep on protesting without any weapon. Be armed first and go for the war. Chamisa is betraying us on all these occasions.

  5. Waste of time. They are all THIEVES. You vote them in and they start looting. They are a disgrace and disgusting. Will MDC usher in Change? Dont be too hopeful. Only we can liberate ourselves from these greedy leeches. The coffers are now empty. There is nowhere to plunder anymore. What a bunch of losers. They are a disgrace Worldwide. Our people continue to suffer and yet these crooks unashamedly continue to plunder. Shame on you. Losers.

  6. I wonder who among the police officers is eating and get satisfied.where are they getting the power to bit people

  7. I think we are also the same with them as South Africans, our majority keep on voting these corrupt political parties, whom they can even shoot to kill 34 mine worker’s, just to keep their corruption hidden

  8. i have never had a say in politics , but really this is so bad. Mugabe was a better devil ,i swear. Bread was all over, fuel too. Ordinary tooth paste was 0.65c now its raging from $8… I’m done with Zim , its rubbish..ED please if ever you pass through just be reminded that your 100days are over, you will be disgraced soon down that thrown…You were elected by the people ,don’t forget the same people can drag you down your high horse as well….I don’t know who is going to be the next president but Mnangangwa was just a wrong choice. Its only online i get the freedom to speak my mind because if i say this in public now these senseless and ruthless policemen will just kill me……Muri kufawo nenzara kudzimba dzenyu but mukadzi endai munouraya vanhu kuCBD munoenda muchimhanya kunge mabikirwa sadza nenyama nxaaaa.

  9. Pple must fight hard to come out of this mess others pple will continue die 1 by 1 slowly those guys are so cruel i think zim need revolution

  10. Plz world help us as Zimbabweans Plz plz. What are this sanctions for because they are affecting us people poor people in Zimbabwe. God is watching all this….

  11. Chamisa and ZCTU called for a mass demonstration but they are always indoors during the act. After our relatives died they are unseen. Chamisa is a pupet of ZANU guys let’s not be fooled by this greed lawyer

  12. Shame on u police for tym shall come to face the consequences and non of ur leaders will stand up for u-sodoma negomora zvigare nemi mudzimba dzenyu nekusingaperi

  13. I suport u zim people much love from south africa keep unity and dont stop. i think it is beta to die fighting for the future of ur generation.

  14. they are not police officers but some Zanu pf hooligans dressed in police uniforms.see they could nt even throw tear gases to disperse people

  15. Police of Zimbabwe why are you so cruel . Can’t you see that our motherland is dying becoz of Dambudzo Ed. Mukai mhai vukani emaqandeni. How much are you paid? Do you a special shop just for Police? Shame on you for bruitalizing people for expressing their right. Shame. Munonyadzisa kutumwa kurova then you do it. Just think about your family they are suffering. Mumbokura one of the days.

  16. So sad eish lenzan libulala abantu mapholisa ibuhlungu lento eliyenzayo livukwa yini umuntu akazifele not ukumbulala eish

  17. Kukonewa uku mapurisa hakuna hustupid hunodarika ipapa kungorova vanhu vanhenzara jus bcz u are trying ku hidder hu hori hwebato rinotonga haaa pfutsekei mhani kusakwana

  18. WHY does the MDC call for protests and yet the politicians themselves ( Nelson Chamisa ,T.Biti), are not in the Frontline???
    Instead they are on Twitter at home pushing citizens to go out on the streets.

  19. Shame upon so called Independent nations!The Colonial master was slightly more decent!Reasonable healthcare,nice clean streets!!!

  20. As a young historian I never thought such horrible incidents will ever happen in our generation right here in Southern Africa, again there is a race fight in the comment section, people are not focusing on solving the issue.

  21. those are not police.. these are dogs mnangagwa sent wearing police uniform…….thts e army……there z Satan then there is Mnangagwa..Satan works for him

  22. Izvondezvekumama manjee mungarovee vanhu pakadai mapurisaamumbwaa dzevanhu manzwaa varoyii apaa mukumamawoo nenzaraa hamufungee imbwa mupengochaidzoo

  23. That garwe guy is showing his true colours.we have never ever had leaders since independence but a group of mafia.these policemen are suffering just like the rest of us .after brutalizing people on the streets they go to their homes that don’t have food, electricity,water everything.

  24. I am sure Hong Kong police are much more professional than Zimbabwean police in handling protests. In Hong Kong nobody has died from the 11 week of unrest exept for those idiots who did suicide. Western media should use their brains when critisizing non OECD police actions

  25. Why doesn’t the international community help us?
    This brutal force is much worse than what Smith and his regime used in the then Southern Rhodesia.
    Zimbabwe is not yet independent until this evil is gotten rid of

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