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  1. Learning Chinese model may be more efficient for developing countries because limited financial resources are invested smartly.

  2. Ethiopia is really doing great work, new big projects !!
    But basically still haveany things to do to fight poverty and hunger …
    Ethiopia have all needs resources to become a super power in Africa and a example leader for other African countries.

  3. Ethiopia is able to make the most for window of opportunity provided by China coming. The reason is, unlike other African countries, Ethiopia doesn’t have a colonial master sponsoring activists shooting down the potential Chinese projects, or, make them difficult and losing steam. Over time, you see the difference.

  4. When you committed and determine leadership a country will definitely grow faster than expectations.
    Ethiopia new developmental projects is of world class in it’s own rights.
    This is what we need in Africa and other countries in Africa.
    Ethiopia is now becoming a giant and leading force in the horn of Africa and east Africa.
    I as an Nigerian ,I am highly impress and speechless to see ,how the determination of a intelligent and industrious people combined with the spirit of togetherness and love can achieve without bloodshed and war in Africa.
    The Chinese economic partnership agreements with Chinese and other African countries is a new hope for great nationalism and progress which I pray Almighty God will continue to guide the government of Ethiopia and make its people will continue to enjoy the dividend of investment and democracy.
    Without crude oil and gas reserves like other countries and natural resources it is raising on its feet.
    Well appreciate and good intentions for investment purposes for their leadership.
    I am very proud to watch this documentary about a diamond in Africa.

  5. May peace & prosperity, water & wealth, health & harmony, come to Ethiopia, Ethiopians & people all around the world. Great reforestation & great alternative energy innovation. Cheers! sir & madam.

  6. Hell yeah, that’s what I love to see. Finally, black poverty is finally coming to an end. And it’s just not Ethiopia. Eastern Africa and South Africa’s black middle class are growing by leaps and bounds.

    Black unity + Economic Freedom = Domination

  7. Yeah yeah yeah the only who will profit that the end is u.s.a i stop beliving what the u.s govermant say they disapoint lot of people and they still do.. we all arledy no that our fountry is rising we dont have to hear it from obama…

  8. funny how eastern part is not linked to the rest.maybe one ddsi will have railway too with the help of china.i´m optimistic haha!

  9. What a comeback!! We had made history by defeating colonialism years back, now once again we are making history. …this time poverty is the enemy. ….and it is gonna be history. God bless Ethiopia!

  10. Well done Ethiopia. I always knew you had it in you to be better. Keep moving forward and be the big boys of East Africa. Build more universities!!

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