Liberia’s Supreme Court halts run-off over fraud allegations

Liberia's Supreme Court halts run-off over fraud allegations

Liberia's Supreme Court halts run-off over fraud allegations

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Liberia’s Supreme Court orders a temporary halt to preparations for next week’s presidential run-off as it gears up to decide if there were “irregularities” in the first round of voting. Also, Human Rights Watch claims that Rwandan security services are behind the extra-judicial killings of 37 people, but the Rwandan government says some of the alleged victims are alive and well. And with African art increasingly in demand, we head to Lagos to take a look at its first ever Biennial.

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4 Responses

  1. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is behind the fourteen years civil war in Liberia. according to thecTruth Reconciliation and Commissioners’s report responsible for investigating the root causes of the 14 yrs war in Liberia. Also President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is responsible for the 2017 elections’ chaos to delay the process of JUSTICE or thisbis an attempt to create a state of emergency for her to clinch to power justifiably.
    The Unity Party of VP Joseph Boakai has excused President Ellen Sirleaf for influencing the election because according to George Weah’s interview in Ghana , the President Sirleaf is seeking PROTECTION from him once he wins. Currently, Mr. Weah running mate for Vice President is Mrs.Jewel Taylor, wife of the notorious warlord, Mr.Charles Taylor. We arevdemanding JUSTICE FOR WAR VICTIMS AND PRAY THAT THOSE BEHIND THE SENSELESS WAR ARE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. NO POLITICAL MANIPULATION WILL DELAY JUSTICE!

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