UK-Sierra Leone Trade and Investment Conference & Protest – Sierra Network

UK-Sierra Leone Trade and Investment Conference & Protest – Sierra Network

UK-Sierra Leone Trade and Investment Conference & Protest – Sierra Network

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President Bio in the UK for the UK-Sierra Leone Trade and Investment Conference met with Protest by concerned Sierra Leoneans. This program is aired Live Everyday on Sierra Network Radio Website and Sierra Network Facebook Page at 2pm ET and 7pm UK

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35 Responses

  1. This British government is undermining our development, peace, and democracy in using our black stupid brothers to do so. They are preparing there brexit frome the EU.
    So that they will keep on exploiting there former colonies. But some of we black African are very naive.
    The black race is still struggling frome this Wight people.

  2. As a Sierra Leonean born in Britain, We should be very wary of Britain given its colonial past and unfair trading – robbery!!

    I think the protesters are right to protest!! There’s never a right time or wrong time to protest because change comes in the most uncomfortable times. We can’t let a system that ruins us dictate the terms of engagement otherwise it is not a protest or wouldn’t be as effective as initially intended.

    Most of you callers think the protesters are preventing jobs for SL, but trading deals have been going on that excludes the benefit of the people. Investors come in with their own workers, etc, where is the employment for our own people? The protest must go on!

    It’s not a question of who puts the country first, both protesters and President would claim that they do. The question to ask is, to who is SL being placed first? The protesters may answer that SL is being placed first to foreigners and investors and judging where we are in terms of development, they are absolutely RIGHT!! SL is not for SLeoneans, but for those that exploit our resources and those that partake in those shady deals, Britain being one of them!

  3. Tell him to throw tribalism away. We are in the country and know all what is happening. If they did it to Ernest who is BIO that they will not do it to.

  4. Our people in Sierra Leone are not given the right to PROTEST any more if they do, they’ll be shot on site. So our brothers and sisters in Britain have the right to PROTEST for the interest of our people back home. The protesters mean good for Sierra Leone than the government in Freetown

  5. There’s this guy what is talking at this is b******* okay now in 5 minutes do I need to find me Saudi police have to give me the Spanish so that they can go in the street to tell what is happening what is Goldman they’re doing because it’s peaceful country do they speak government job Days Inn in Sierra Leone because the old Toronto this guy is old downtown labor you know so my dad will have to forget where you where you was before the people kill so he cannot say they have to forgive him you go if you kill ich you finish you know so I would eat people now in the family get killed tool Eva wants to know what you have to do thank you

  6. In the interest of our beloved country – Sierra Leone, I want to propose the following:

    1. Let former president Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC party build educational institutions in the North and PERSUADE (baeg dem) our Northern brothers and sisters to attend – free of charge. Education is in short supply in the North, hence, the insatiable desire for violence and disregard for law and order…

    2. People complain that "di gron drai" . To wet the ground let Ernest Koroma and his gang of robbers return their loots to the state and let the government use that to provide education in the North. Education is a precious commodity in the North – less than 2% of Northerners can afford quality education – Honestly.

    3. APC cows who believe that "wu sai u tie cow nar dae di cow dae eat" should understand that Sierra Leoneans cannot continue to feed APC cows till the second coming of Jesus Christ…WE are tired.

    God/Allah bless us all and long live SaLone.

  7. Liar! human rights abuse endure daily in Salone by your orders and how long will you ask for favour from those who imposed economic slavery upon Africa, when country Salone has great potentials. If just the right structure of policies are taken. Begar begar, haven’t you learned. Nothing comes freely? Your lacking leadership have doomed Salone and Africa.

  8. I witnessed the protesters in London where I live and it was very low profile and ineffective. They were kept in check by the London Metropolitan police, meaning that no roads were blocked or stones thrown.

  9. Momodu Stevens is a mende by tribs but he is a very good patriotic Sierra Leonean ,my Allah bless you brother momodu Stevens, for the useful concerns

  10. Its because they aren’t in Sierra Leone that’s they reason they are protesting their. The don’t have work to do if they do have they won’t be there protecting for a political that’s has always disappointed sierra Leone.

  11. Mr moderator seems like you don’t want to hear the voice of madam fatmata of new York, the way and manners in which you are answering the call of madam fatmata. You have to do the work well

  12. Only if the UK government is a fool, that’s why they will send Investor in Sierra Leone while the country is full of kios and war , tribalism and regional seckment by the way in which bio is govern the country

  13. I think in any decomocratica country protest if part of decomocratica funduction ie to correct the mistick of the government…it is batter then war

  14. The APC politicians will continue making noise until the government is brave enough to squeeze out of them every penny that was stolen during their ten years in office. Accountability should be the watch word.

  15. Any so ba minded investors will not go to Sierra Leone while the country is not have peace and stability since bio come to governance

  16. this Slpp propaganda radio is really pushing hard but d minds of Sierra Leoneans are made up already
    We can’t b fooled anymore

  17. Uk,Sierra Leone trash deals.Deals that Sierra Leoneans never gain nothing at all .before and after colonial days what have Sierra Leone ever gain.SAME OLD SAME OLD SPEECH

  18. All what this presenter does all d times on d radio is to misleadingly compare slpp thuggish acts to APC
    in deliberate attempt to prove his saying that ‘ all Slpp are doing now were done yesterday by apc’

  19. Those that went to protest against president Bio, they are not protesting against President Bio but against our beloved Sierra Leone

  20. I believe that even after ten years of the Bio administration, the SLPP will still be in power; and hopefully have another young President in somebody like Lahai Lawrence Leema who has distinguished himself eloquently so far and who is very conversant with our local politics.

  21. UK- Sierra Leone trade is a matter of fact, despite what the so call APC members are trying to distroyed its existence through false propaganda, hate and violence to bring the country poor? The APC don’t believe in development, and the failed to understand that hate, violence and stealing has come to an end.


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