Zimbabwe’s new currency RTGS dollars

Zimbabwe's new currency RTGS dollars

Zimbabwe's new currency RTGS dollars

The debate as to whether Zimbabwe now has an official currency or not has remained topical (high) on the streets of Harare. This follows an announcement on Wednesday by the country’s central bank that it was redenominating the bond notes, coins, and RTGS balances to RTGS dollars, which can now be traded on the foreign exchange market. Analysts say the move is a technical but not official admission by the authorities of the prevailing economic conditions. The RTGS dollars have been added to the basket of currencies that the country has been using since dollarization in 2009 when the country demonetized the Zimbabwean dollar.

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  1. It is so foolish to go back and give the land to white farmers. The key is to fund black people. Give them the farm land and the resources they need. After that they can be self sufficient. If you return farms to whites then why the war for it in the beginning. Its showing whites that blacks are unable to govern themselves. Not a wise move.

  2. Why dont this leadership eat humble pie and go to the US and work to lift the sanctions n ask for investment in the mining sector. I would have even changed the name back to Rhodesia if that can alleviate the suffering of the people.

  3. Mthuli , John zvichapera izvi . Ko 1:1 yadii nhasi . Siya basa mangudya Hamuzvigoni izvi murikupusisa vanhu nefake dzamunoita everday.

  4. That is the only difference from switching from RTGS Balances to RTGS Dollars [ forex trading ] as the current Zim currency from 2016 remains the same…there is no new currency to be printed that was rumored, saying in 12 months?

  5. Zimbabwe’s case was never about race or farms ..it is all about accountability which includes politics , corruption and greed . Amongst most countries in the world Zimbabwe is one country which can shift sectors it has vast minerals not to speak of farming. Mining on its own can boost Zimbabwe . Its clear from the video that the problem of Zimbabwe is political which includes foreign countries as well.

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